So, you think you’ve got everything organized for your office move. You have a great new location, you’ve let your employees, customers and suppliers know, and scheduled the movers. But have you arranged for your IT relocations properly? Here are 8 easy steps to follow to ensure that your IT move goes as smoothly as the rest. IT relation is something that you do not want to leave to the last minute!


Schedule a visit to your new location with your IT manager. You need to review all network cabling requirements. You also need to contact all your technology suppliers, ISPs and carriers long before the day and inform them of the move.


Make an inventory of all your IT equipment and determine if it is still fit for purpose. List equipment that needs to be replaced and order it. Safely and compliantly dispose of unneeded hardware and software. Also evaluate your server room requirements in terms of access, cooling, electrical supply, security and space.

Assess communications

Are there enough phone lines at the new site? How many Cat 5 and Cat 6 cables are there? Do you know how many power outlets there are?


With your IT provider or MSP, review the configuration plan of your new home. Identify the best locations for workstations, power points and cabling points. Select the best positions for printers, routers and other office technology.


Decide if you need any additional phone lines. Ask your provider to set up call forwarding if you are changing numbers. With your IT provider, choose the type of internet connection for your new office. Will you use a conventional telephone system or opt for VoIP?


Make multiple copies of company data and backups of servers and firewalls. You must store all backups well out of the line of fire of the move. You must also ensure that full data recovery is possible – you’ll need to get back online as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.


Remember that moving IT requires special handling, expertise and protection while in transit. It might be a thought to get your IT provider to move your tech for you. Transport your data backups separate from the main systems and also from each other.


Before you settle in:

  • Make sure all cabling and equipment are in the right place
  • Test to see that the new phone system works
  • Start all servers and data migration
  • Check that your email system is fully functional
  • Check your internet connection and that your website and intranet are online

All going well you can take a breath, relax and enjoy your new home.