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We transform IT chaos into high-performing and productive work environments.


Following the buyout of a company, WeWork was required to set up an IT infrastructure for its newly acquired business from scratch. WeWork did not have a solution at hand to reliably deploy a task force for the next stage of the project. WeWork needed a dedicated, virtual IT department.

The company’s data and applications were migrated and set up on the Zhero Cloud infrastructure supported with secure UK-based data access.

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Geeta’s Food

As with any business, the smooth running of IT systems is key to business success. Geeta’s Food, therefore, decided to outsource the management of all IT systems to Zhero.

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Oktra outsourced the management of all its IT systems to Zhero, to reduce overall IT costs, benefit from the latest technologies, further improve operational efficiencies and optimise customer service.

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Energy UK

When a number of energy sector trade associations came together to form Energy UK, Zhero was chosen to migrate and unify the organisations’ separate IT systems onto one platform.

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Swale Heating

Zhero created an IT, network and communications infrastructure to extend the same high quality service in a national expansion.
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Smart Energy GB

Zhero was selected to create a new, hybrid cloud-based IT infrastructure as a platform, for all its operational activities. As well as managing the IT requirements of Smart Energy GB’s office.

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Nautica Law

Nautica Law outsourced the design, management and support of all its IT systems to Zhero. The practice now benefits from a high performing, secure and available hybrid-cloud environment using the latest technologies that deliver improved operational efficiencies.
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Edmond de Rothschild

Edmond de Rothschild was reviewing its communication and file infrastructure. Zhero had proven to be a highly trusted partner for the Group with a long-lasting relationship in excess of seven years and therefore was consulted to assist with the IT architecture and design. Edmond de Rothschild partnered with Zhero to make its IT smarter.
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GoJoKo Marketing was using various storage solutions and was looking for a single, secure, and compliant data storage solution for highly sensitive data. GoJoKo turned to Zhero for the design and provisioning of a transformative IT solution that would ensure compliance and high-level security, from workstation level to data centre.
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Privalgo embraced Zhero’s IT expertise to add new workstations to their existing Azure infrastructure, customize software for individual users, ensure system compliance, and provide robust anti-virus, patching, and updates. Privalgo needed Zhero so that they could trust in the security and integrity of their IT.
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