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Izak Oosthuizen

CEO & Founder, Co-Founder Cyber London, Bestselling Author

Izak Oosthuizen is a London IT thought leader, entrepreneur, and cybersecurity expert. He is a member of the Entrepreneur's Organisation London and was nominated for the prestigious UKTech50 award in 2022.

Izak holds several IT qualifications – including various Microsoft, Checkpoint and VMware certifications. Combined with his 20-plus years of experience in IT, and management qualifications from the London School of Business & Finance and Cranfield School of Management, he appreciates that IT drives growth but also comes with associated security risks.

In 2006, Izak founded Zhero, a London-headquartered end-to-end business cybersecurity and IT support company for SMEs. Zhero is a Microsoft Gold partner providing tailored risk mitigation, cybersecurity, cloud, IT support, consultancy, and professional services to many industry sectors, some include medical, finance, legal, insurance, and architecture. Zhero has worked with a diverse range of brilliant minds and institutions such as WeWork, Giorgio Armani, Energy UK, Edmond De Rothschild, the Federation of Master Builders, City, University of London and Dimension Data.

In November 2023, Izak published his latest Amazon best-seller, You Don’t Need a £1 Million Cybersecurity Budget. The book, which focuses on how SMEs can affordably enhance their cybersecurity resilience and cyber hygiene, peaked at number one in the United Kingdom and the United States, making Izak an international best-selling author. Izak has also previously co-authored two best-selling IT books, ‘Adapt and Overcome’ and ‘Cybersecurity NOW’, also available on Amazon. These are essential reads for navigating the ever-changing worlds of cybersecurity, remote working, and the digitised workplace. His insights have also been featured in The Economist, UK Computer Weekly and other prominent publications.

In January 2024, Izak co-founded Cyber London along with Professor Raj Muttukrishnan, Simon Newman and others, and is also a co-director. Cyber London is recognised by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT) and the UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) as the official Cyber Cluster for London, an informal network of people/organisations who work/have an interest in cybersecurity. Cyber London will support London's cybersecurity ecosystem to become a world leader in technological innovation and sustainability.

Izak has made a name as a keynote speaker at events hosted by The Economist, N-Able, and London Market Forums (LMF). At the recent LMF 2023 Cyber Resilience Leaders’ Summit, he shared cyber-edge cybersecurity and risk mitigation strategies with contemporary pioneers such as Gary Brailsford-Hart, the Director of Information & CISO at City of London Police, and Simon Newman, the CEO of the Cyber Resilience Centre for London.

Head of Finance Natasha Botha. Black and green background with greyscale.

Natasha Botha

Head of Finance

Research and Development Prof Raj M. Black and green background with greyscale.

Rajarajan Muttukrishnan

Head of Research and Development

Professor Muttukrishnan Rajarajan, known to his colleagues and students as Prof Raj, is one of the brilliant minds and top achievers in cybersecurity in the UK. As Zhero’s Head of Research & Development, Raj is an indispensable member of our insanely knowledgeable team and ensures that cyber protection is at the forefront of everything we do. While Raj’s primary IT focus is research, he also believes in cybersecurity in action and emphasises the product as much as the process. As a pioneer of research in cybersecurity, Raj has been the Professor of Security Engineering at City, University of London since 2012 as well as being the Director of the Institute for Cybersecurity. The Prof’s wide-ranging knowledge and experience include privacy-preserving data management, IoT privacy, network intrusion detection, cloud security, and identity management using blockchain. He has graduated more than 30 PhD students in cybersecurity. Prof Raj is a member of several professional organisations: - National Crime Agency (e-crime Unit) - UK Cabinet Office’s initiative on Digital Government – Identity Assurance - Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Institution of Engineering and Technology Raj is an influential IT leader who has cyber hygiene and cybersecurity in his bones and blood. He is the go-to source for anybody wanting to know anything about cybersecurity, IoT privacy, network intrusion detection, and cloud security. The Prof lives by Albert Einstein’s words: “Everybody is a Genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”
Developer Wesley Harris. Black and green background with greyscale.

Wesley Harris

Head of Development

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