Additional Charge

Any additional charge which Zhero is entitled to make to the Client in relation to any of the matters specified in Paragraph 8.

Annual Charge

The annual charge specified in the Service Level Agreement which shall in each year of the Term be automatically adjusted by an amount that is equivalent to any increase in the Consumer Price Index in the preceding twelve-month period.

Authorised Amendment

Any amendment to the Service Level Agreement requested by the Client and signed in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2.1.

Authorised Signatory

The person authorised to sign the Service Level Agreement on behalf of the Client.

Commencement Date

The commencement date is specified in the Service Level Agreement or as provided in Paragraph 7.1.

Current Period

The Initial Period or any Subsequent Period as appropriate.


Any individual or partnership or firm or company to whom Zhero provides Services or provides Equipment including without limitation any Authorised Signatory but excluding any Third Party Provider.

Client Site(s)

In relation to any Client the site or sites at which Zhero is to provide Services including any site whose details are set out in any relevant Service Level Agreement.


Any equipment software or services listed in the Service Level Agreement as amended from time to time.


Any solution to any software or hardware problem made available to the Client by Zhero.

Hardware Rental

An asset that is the sole property of Zhero leased over a fixed term to the Client.

Incident Reporting

The process of notifying the Client of an abnormal event, process, or action identified.

Initial Period

The initial period as specified in the Service Level Agreement commencing on the Commencement Date.


A company that manufactures products.

Online Services

Any online services made available to the Client by Zhero.


A paragraph of these Terms and Conditions.


Any product made available to the Client by Zhero.

Rate Card

The rate card of Zhero from time to time specifying the rate for the various services provided by Zhero a copy of which will be provided to the Client on request.

Rate Card Rate

The rate specified in the Rate Card for the services of any particular type.

Resolution Target Time

The resolution target time (if any) specified in the Service Level Agreement.


The services specified in the Service Level Agreement including the supply of any items of Equipment as part of such services.

Service Hours

The service hours specified in Paragraph 4.

Service Level Agreement

The principal contractual agreement (which may variously be referred to as a service level agreement or service agreement or invoice or otherwise) between Zhero and the Client as the same may be amended from time to time by any SLA Invoice.

Service Requirements

The Service Requirements set out in the Schedule to the Service Level Agreement.

SLA Invoice

Any invoice issued by Zhero in relation to the Service Level Agreement.

Service Ticket

In relation to any request for service made by the Client the email communication from Zhero to the Client logging the Client’s request for service and allocating to it a ticket number.


A sub-processor is a third-party data processor engaged by Zhero who has or potentially will have access to or process Protected Data.

Subsequent Period

One or more successive periods of twelve full calendar months by which the Initial Period may be extended.


A company, also referred to as a vendor, offering products for sale.


The Initial Period and any Subsequent Period.

Third-Party Provider

Any third party which is required to be engaged by Zhero in order to enable Zhero to provide any unscheduled support services as referred to in paragraph 4.4.


A company, also referred to as a supplier, offering products for sale.


Zhero Limited of 162 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3AS, UK.

Zhero Direct Services

Any services rendered directly by Zhero to the Client. This includes Managed Services and Zhero Cloud Services.



2.1 These Terms and Conditions are incorporated in full in the Service Level Agreement and govern the supply by Zhero to the Client of all goods services and materials.

2.2 The Service Level Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the Client and Zhero and supersedes all prior written or oral agreements understandings communications or practices between the Client and Zhero insofar as they relate to the Services and shall prevail over any conflicting provisions contained in any purchase order or similar document generated by the Client.

2.3 The request by the Client for Zhero to provide Services to the Client and/or the payment by the Client or by any person on behalf of the Client of any invoice submitted by Zhero shall constitute the irrevocable acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

2.4 Any amendments additions or deletions to the Service Level Agreement must be expressly set out in writing and must be signed by an authorised signatory of both Zhero and the Client.

2.5 These Terms and Conditions may be amended from time to time by Zhero subject to Zhero notifying the Client that they have been amended. The acceptance by the Client of Services provided by Zhero to the Client following the date of notification shall constitute acceptance by the Client of any relevant amendment.



3.1 All items of Equipment supplied by Zhero shall be delivered to such address as may be notified to Zhero by or on behalf of the Client and shall irrevocably be deemed to have been delivered to the Client upon receipt by Zhero of signed proof of delivery.

3.2 For the purposes of Paragraph 3.1 a server or workstation includes its original Microsoft Windows Operating System and any original Microsoft Office Product owned by the Client.

3.3 Any software or Equipment of the Client additional to those items of Equipment referred to in paragraph 3.1 whether installed before or after the date the Service Level Agreement comes into effect does not fall within the scope of the Service Level Agreement but may be added to the Service Level Agreement by an Authorised Amendment at the request of the Client.

3.4 Where more than one item of Equipment is covered by the Service Level Agreement, the Service Level Agreement will be construed severally and distinctly in respect of each such item of Equipment. Any failure in respect of any one item of Equipment shall not prejudice or affect the rights and liabilities of the parties in respect of each other item of Equipment.

3.5 If Zhero makes available any software or service provided by a third party to the Client, the Client will comply fully with all terms and conditions on which that software or service are provided and will fully indemnify Zhero in relation to all costs claims losses and demands of whatever nature arising directly or indirectly from failure to do so.



4.1 Unless otherwise stated within the Service Level Agreement the following normal service hours are applicable.

(a) Zhero normal service hours are unlimited (remote/onsite support) from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Greenwich Mean Time or British Summer Time as appropriate) Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

(b) Zhero standby support services operate from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am which is limited to remote-only support.

4.2 24/7 support standby services are operational over weekends, public holidays as well as UK banking holidays.

4.3 All onsite assistance will be scheduled and coordinated from the Zhero service desk which will notify the Client of the estimated time of arrival of Zhero personnel for onsite assistance.

4.4 Zhero will not be required to meet third-party operational hours which fall outside the operating hours of Zhero.

4.5 Zhero Service Level Agreements are designed to be realistic and achievable and measured by priority measured in accordance with Zhero’s priority matrix which provides a Resolution Target Time in relation to separate categories of problems.



5.1 Zhero undertakes to provide the Client the Services with due care and skill in a timely and efficient manner to the best of its skill and abilities in accordance with good industry practice.

5.2 Zhero will provide a Call Centre Number that will route Clients’ calls to a priority queue to one of its Support Call Centres. All Calls will either be answered within five minutes or will provide an opportunity for the Client to leave a message.

5.3 Clients may request corrective maintenance service calls to Zhero in the event any item of Equipment Covered fails and requires repair.

5.4 A request for service will be considered accepted once Zhero has logged the request onto its system and has issued a Service Ticket in relation to that request to the Client.

5.5 The Resolution Target Time shall be calculated from the time the Service Ticket is sent to the Client.

5.6 Zhero undertakes that it will take all reasonable steps to resolve any problems experienced by the Client within the requisite Resolution Target Time. There can be no guarantee that any problem will be resolved within the Resolution Target Time and Zhero shall not have any liability should it be unable to do so. Best endeavours are applied to the resolution of all reported problems.

5.7 Zhero’s obligations to provide Services to the Client under the Service Level Agreement shall not extend to those matters listed in Schedule 1 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.8 In order to be eligible to receive Services from Zhero the Client shall at all times comply with the Client’s obligations which are set out in the Schedule of Client’s Responsibilities in the Service Level Agreement. Zhero shall have no liability to provide Services to the Client unless the Client has complied fully with all such provisions.

5.9 The Microsoft Terms and Conditions are incorporated in full in the Service Level Agreement and govern the supply of all Services and materials by Zhero and Client on the basis set out in Schedule 2 of these Terms and Conditions.

5.10 The conditions which are applicable to standard support services cloud back-up services aloud email security services anti-virus management services disaster recovery and connectivity and co-location services are set out in Schedule 3 of these Terms and Conditions.



6.1 Zhero commits to provide its Clients with services to the highest possible quality standards through its highly experienced and committed Client service team who strive to provide all Clients with the highest level of service.

6.2 If the Client feels for good reason that any part of the Services provided by Zhero falls short of its quality standard, the Client undertakes that the Client shall give notice in writing to Zhero which notice shall contain full particulars of any alleged shortcoming. Zhero shall on receipt of any such notice immediately take such steps as it considers necessary to investigate all relevant circumstances.

6.3 If Zhero concludes that its Services have not met its quality standard, Zhero shall repay to the Client by means of a credit note in relation to such amount as Zhero considers appropriate in all the circumstances. The acceptance by the Client of any such credit note (which shall be deemed to have been accepted if not returned within three days of the credit note being sent) shall constitute full and final settlement of any potential claim of the Client against Zhero.

6.4 If the Client fails to give notice in writing to Zhero identifying any alleged defect in the Services provided by Zhero to the Client within 30 days from the date of the provision of the allegedly defective Services, the Client shall be deemed to have waived the Client’s right to obtain a credit note or to be entitled to any other remedy in relation to any such alleged defect.



7.1.1 The Commencement Date will start within 30 days from the signature date, or the date of completion of 50% of services as specified in the Service Level Agreement, whichever date comes first. This will be deemed as the contract commencement date irrespective of the project status for Zhero Direct services.

7.1.2 The client agrees to provide all the necessary information, access, and cooperation during the onboarding process. Zhero will commence onboarding on receipt of the required information no later than 14 days after the date of signature.

7.1.3 The onboarding schedule must be set within 14 days from the signature date.

7.1.4 The client is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. Timely responses and cooperation are essential for the successful onboarding process.

7.2 The Term of the Service Level Agreement begins on the Commencement Date and will continue for the duration of the Initial Period following which it shall be automatically extended by a Subsequent Period which shall also be automatically extended unless the Client serves notice of termination in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 10.

7.3 If more than 50% of the Client’s IT infrastructure (calculated either by reference to the value of the services provided by Zhero to the Client or the equipment comprised in the IT infrastructure) changes on any single date or shall have changed in the six calendar months preceding that date Zhero shall have the right to require the Client to enter into an up-dated Service Level Agreement in order to provide both parties with an up-to-date reference point. The Initial Period and all Subsequent Periods shall then be calculated by reference to the date on which the Client executed the updated Service Level Agreement.

7.4 Where the Services include the provision by Zhero of consumption-based products such as Microsoft Cloud Service Provided or any other third-party subscription services the Client shall be entitled to remove such services from the scope of the Service Level Agreement by giving Zhero one calendar month notice in writing.

7.5 The provisions of this Paragraph 7 and the provisions of Paragraph 10 shall apply to any Service Level Agreement other than any one-off agreement for the supply of specific items of Equipment or Services in circumstances where Zhero assumes no responsibility for ongoing maintenance.

7.6 The Client may only remove a maximum of 5 % of the total managed assets at a time per calendar month that falls under the current Service Level Agreement i.e. 100 managed workstations – the Client can only remove a maximum of 5 workstations per calendar month. Please note that same applies for Zhero Direct Services.

7.7 For clients with “Workstation Procurement & Rebuild Cover” please note that this service is limited to new purchased workstation setups only and limited to a maximum of 3 workstations order/installation.



8.1 Zhero shall be entitled to charge the Client Additional Charges at the rate specified in the Zhero Rate Card or the rate specified in the Service Level Agreement as appropriate in respect of the matters set out in this Paragraph.

  • any service requested but not covered by the Service Level Agreement;
  • any onsite service requested outside Service Hours;
  • any consumables requested by the Client;
  • upgrades or new installation and new technologies of any third-party software not covered under the Service Level Agreement;
  • any installation of new workstations;
  • increased time or re-visits due to failure of the Client to give adequate access to Equipment covered by the Service Level Agreement;
  • user error, spyware, and any software installed without authorization from Zhero;
  • any work that requires project management and coordination;
  • any system consultancy and re-design;
  • any end-user training;
  • GPS PDA Mobile phones other mobile device user home workstation/networks support; and
  • any service on any home operating system.

8.2 In any case where the cost of supplying maintenance service or fitting of parts exceeds the current replacement value of the equipment or software the Client will be offered replacement equipment or software at the rate specified in the Zhero Rate Card or the rate specified in the Service Level Agreement as appropriate.

8.3 Invoices in relation to Additional Charges must be paid in full within thirty days of the invoice date.



9.1 If the Client fails to make payment of any invoice within thirty days Zhero reserves the right to:

(a) suspend the provision of any and/or all of the Services; and/or

(b) withhold new orders until payment is made in full of all sums due and owing.

9.2 If the Client fails to make payment of any invoice within sixty days in addition to the rights reserved to Zhero under paragraph 9.1 Zhero shall have the right to:

(a) charge interest at a rate of 2% above the base rate of HSBC Bank plc for each calendar month or part thereof that sums are outstanding;

(b) charge a once-off administration fee of £50.00 for each invoice that is overdue by more than sixty days:

(c) seek payment of all sums owed from any Authorised Signatory who shall be liable to pay all sums due within 14 days on receipt of written demand from Zhero.

9.3 The Client will be rated on a scoring system based on the timely payment of invoices due. Should the Client repeatedly find itself in breach of payment terms as set out above, the payment of one-off deposits in such amount as Zhero shall consider necessary will be required prior to the supply of any hardware or Services by Zhero.



10.1 The Client shall have the right to terminate the Service Level Agreement by giving notice in writing to Zhero not less than 90 days before the expiry of the Current Period.

10.2 If the Client fails to give notice in writing in accordance with this Paragraph, the Client may elect to terminate this Agreement in accordance with the early termination provisions of Paragraph 12.



11.1 Zhero may serve written notice on the Client terminating the Service Level Agreement if:

11.1.1 the Client fails to pay any amount due under the Service Level Agreement in full within 5 business days of its due date and such failure is not remedied within 5 business days of receipt of written notice;

11.1.2 the Client is in breach of any other material term of the Service Level Agreement which is incapable of remedy or if capable of remedy is not remedied within 14 business days of receipt of written notice;

11.2 Zhero reserves the right to terminate services immediately without prior notice if:

11.2.1 the Client transfers disposes of or threatens to transfer or dispose of any part of its assets which is likely in the reasonable opinion of Zhero to prevent or materially to inhibit the performance by the Client of its obligations under the Service Level Agreement;

11.2.2 the Client is declared or becomes insolvent; or

11.2.3 the Client convenes a meeting of its creditors or proposes or makes any arrangement or composition with or any assignment for the benefit of its creditors or a petition is presented or a meeting is convened for the purpose of considering a resolution or other steps are taken for the winding up of the Client or if an encumbrancer takes possession of or a trustee receiver administrator administrative receiver liquidator or similar officer is appointed in respect of all or any part of its business or assets or any distress execution or other legal process is levied threatened enforced upon or sued out against any of such assets.

11.3 The Client agrees that in the event of Zhero terminating services immediately as per 11.2.1, 11.2.2, or 11.2.3, Zhero will not be held responsible for any financial or operational losses, and no claims will be entertained by the Client against Zhero in such circumstances.



12.1 The Client acknowledges that the pricing in the Service Level Agreement has been calculated on the basis that the Service Level Agreement continues until such time as the Client is entitled to terminate the Term and acknowledges that Zhero has made commitments to both its Staff and other suppliers on the basis of the Client’s commitment to pay the Annual Charge until the end of the Term.

12.2 If the Client wishes to terminate the Service Level Agreement before the contractual expiry date the Client may do so by making payment to Zhero of 90% of the total Annual Charges payable until the expiry of the Current Period (or if such payment is made less than 90 days before the end of the Current Period 90% of the total Annual Charges payable until the expiry of the next Subsequent Period) and the amount of any other Annual Charges and Additional Charges (if any) which were outstanding as at such date.



13.1 All rights and title to any Equipment delivered by Zhero to the Client under the Service Level Agreement will be reserved to Zhero until Zhero shall have received payment from the Client of all sums payable pursuant to the Service Level Agreement including any sums payable otherwise than in relation to the supply of the Equipment. Zhero shall have a contractual and possessory lien over all data held by Zhero which Zhero shall be entitled to retain until Zhero shall have received payment in full of all sums due and owing to Zhero under the Service Level Agreement.

13.2 Until it has received payment in full of all sums due Zhero may repossess any goods or materials supplied by it to the Client and for this purpose, the Client grants an irrevocable right and license to Zhero or its authorised representative to enter upon all or any of the Client’s premises with or without vehicles during Service Hours. This right will continue notwithstanding the termination of the Service Level Agreement and without prejudice to any accrued rights of Zhero.

13.3 Until such time as payment in full is made to Zhero as aforesaid the Client will hold and store all goods and materials made available to it by Zhero in a fiduciary capacity as bailee for Zhero and in such a place and manner that such goods and materials are clearly and readily identifiable as Zhero property.



14.1 Nothing in the Service Level Agreement shall be construed as limiting the liability of either party for personal injury or death resulting from the negligence of a party or its employees.

14.2 Zhero shall not have any liability to the Client in relation to any loss or damage suffered by the Client as a result of the failure of the Client to perform or observe the Service Requirements or in relation to the matters set out in Schedule 1.

14.3 Notwithstanding any other provision of the Service Level Agreement neither party shall be liable for any damages for lost profits, lost revenues, loss of goodwill, loss of anticipated savings, loss of customers, loss of data, or interference with business, or for the cost of purchasing replacement services, or for any indirect incidental special consequential exemplary or punitive damages whether or not caused by the acts or omissions or negligence of its employees or agents and regardless of whether such party has been informed of the possibility of the likelihood of such damages.

14.4 Zhero’s sole liability for damages arising out of the furnishing or the failure to furnish Services (including but not limited to mistakes omissions interruptions delays errors or other defects) is limited to the amount of actual damage which the Client is capable of proving has been caused to the Client up to a maximum amount which is equivalent the total of Annual Charges payable under this Service Level Agreement in relation to the Service which gave rise to the loss.

14.5 Except for warranties expressly made in the Service Level Agreement Zhero makes no warranties or representations express or implied either in fact or by operation of law, statutory or otherwise, including warranties of satisfactory quality and fitness for a particular purpose.

14.6 Neither party shall be liable for any failure or delay in carrying out its obligations under this Service Level Agreement due to causes beyond such party’s reasonable control including but not limited to Acts of God, fire, flood, or other catastrophes, any law order regulation, direction action or request of any governmental entity or agency or any civil or military authority, national emergencies, insurrections, riots, strikes, lock-outs, work, stoppages or other labour difficulties.

14.7 Products sold by Zhero may carry their own warranties. Zhero will pass through to the Client any and all such warranties to the fullest extent. Exercise of such warranty shall be directly between the Manufacturer and the Client. Zhero does not accept any liability for the failure of the Manufacturer to carry out their warranty. Zhero will however act on behalf of the Client to assist wherever possible with any claims and/or disputes.

14.8 Should any discrepancy arise pertaining to the product, Zhero will endeavour to rectify this with the supplier and assist the Client wherever possible, however, cannot be held liable for such discrepancies.



To the extent that Zhero processes any Personal Data provided by the Client in relation to this document, the Client will be the Data Controller and Zhero will be the Data Processor (as those terms are defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679) and Zhero will:

15.1 process the Personal Data strictly in accordance with the Client’s reasonable written instructions from time to time;

15.2 take adequate security measures to avoid accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access, and against all other unlawful processing of Personal Data; and

15.3 not store or transfer any Client controlled personal data outside the European Economic Area without the Client’s prior written consent.

15.4 From time to time, engage with Sub-Processors to perform various functions as part of its Services offering to its Client.

15.5 When required, inform the Data Controller of any relevant incident.

15.6 When required, inform the ICO of any relevant incident.



16.1 Any notice or other document required to be given under this Agreement or any communication between the parties with respect to any of the provisions of this Agreement shall be in writing and be deemed duly given if signed by or on behalf of the party giving notice and if left at or sent by pre-paid registered or recorded delivery post or email to the address of the addressee as set out at the head of the Agreement or as notified between the parties for the purpose of this Clause.

16.2 Any such notice or other communication shall be deemed to be given to and received by the addressee:

(a) at the time the same is left at the address of or handed to a representative of the party to be served;

(b) by post on the day not being a Sunday or public holiday two days following the date of posting;

(c) in the case of an email or facsimile transmission or other means of telecommunication on the next following day.

16.3 In proving the giving of a notice it should be sufficient to prove that the notice was properly addressed (and posted if sent by post) or left at the relevant address as the case may be or despatched by email to the email address specified in the Service Level Agreement or such other addresses as shall be notified by the parties.



17.1 Assets are leased for the full 36-month term and may not be removed from agreement.

17.2 Upon expiration of the term, the agreement will be replaced by 90 days rolling agreement.

17.3 Subsequent assets will require a new agreement to be signed.

17.4 Subsequent assets will have their own term and agreement and may not be merged with any other agreement.

17.5 Client insurance required for accidental damage and/or loss.

17.6 Zhero requires the client to produce proof of insurance before accepting delivery of any leased asset.

17.7 In case of loss, the replacement asset claimed from the Client insurance will become the sole property of Zhero, thus replacing the relevant leased asset.

17.8 Zhero will have the sole right to supply the asset of similar spec and value as indicated in point 17.7.

17.9 The asset will remain the property of Zhero for the full term and is to be returned upon renewal/expiration of agreement.

17.10 On renewal, the Client will be entitled to a new asset as specified in the new agreement.

17.11 On renewal, migration from current asset to new asset will be completed free of charge.

17.12 The asset should be returned in a 100% working order at end of term. Fair wear and tear allowed.

17.13 Client is subject to credit vetting.

17.14 All Hardware Rentals are subject to a signed Service Level Agreement.

17.15 Should the client decide to terminate the agreement prior to the renewal date as specified in the term, the client will be held liable for full payment for the remainder of the term.



18.1 The invalidity of any individual provision of these Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

18.2 Any failure by Zhero to insist on a strict performance of any provision of the Service Level Agreement shall not be deemed to be a waiver of Zhero rights and remedies in any subsequent default by the Client in the performance or compliance with any of these Terms and Conditions. No person other than the Client shall have any right to enforce any provisions contained in the Service Level Agreement or these Terms and Conditions against Zhero.

18.3 Zhero reserves the right to assign the benefit or burden of the Service Level Agreement.

18.4 If the Client is a company which is a subsidiary of a holding company (within the meaning of Section 1159 of the Companies Act 2006) Zhero shall have the right to require the holding company to assume responsibility for the payment of any Services or Equipment provided by Zhero to the subsidiary in the event the subsidiary fails to do so.

18.5 Zhero reserves the right to refer any dispute under the Service Level Agreement to mediation by a mediator or to arbitration by an independent arbitrator in accordance with the Arbitration Act 1996. The Client expressly waives the right (if any) of the Client to make any claim against any of Zhero’s directors or employees or servants or agents save in the event of fraud on the part of any director or employee of Zhero.

18.6 The Service Level Agreement and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales whose courts shall be courts of competent jurisdiction.



Acceptance of Terms
By accessing or using our hosting services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with any part of these terms, you may not use our services.

Service Description
We provide hosting services for websites, applications, and related content. Our services include server space, bandwidth, and other resources required for hosting. We reserve the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the services at our discretion.

To use our hosting services, you must sign a Service Level Agreement. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and are liable for all activities that occur under your account.

Content and Usage
You are solely responsible for the content hosted on our servers. Prohibited content includes, but is not limited to, illegal, infringing, or malicious material. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate services for violation of this policy.

You are responsible for securing your account, website, and applications outside of the hosting environment. We are not liable for any unauthorized access or data breaches resulting from your failure to implement adequate security measures.

Data Backup
While we strive to maintain regular backups within our hosting environment, you are responsible for your own data backups (local devices). We are not liable for any data loss or corruption.

We provide technical support for our hosting services. Support availability, response times, and service levels are outlined in our MSP page at https://www.zhero.co.uk/msp/

Disclaimer of Warranties
We provide hosting services “as is,” without any warranties. We disclaim all warranties, including fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

Limitation of Liability
Our liability is limited to the amount you paid for the hosting services. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages.

Changes to Terms
We reserve the right to update these terms at any time. Changes will be effective upon posting. It is your responsibility to review the terms periodically.

By using our hosting services, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our support team.


Schedule 1

Limits to Service.

(Paragraph 5.7.)

  • Equipment not detailed on the Service Level Agreement (listed under Description of Services) or included as Equipment Covered.
  • Services requested outside the agreed Service Hours.
  • Services for equipment with no real accepted faults (including but not limited to user error, software viruses, spyware, and any software installed without authorization from Zhero, telecommunication line interference, fluctuations in electrical supply, or other defects in the operating environment are not covered by the Service Level Agreement).
  • Equipment failure or defect resulting directly or indirectly (as determined in Zhero sole discretion) from improper use or care of the Equipment (including but not limited to operation outside normal specifications improper use of a power supply damage due to vandalism explosion flood or fire).
  • Service due to Client’s wrongful act negligence or failure to comply with this Service Level Agreement.
  • Service for general Equipment overhauls reconditioning or relocations.
  • Loss or damage caused by any third-party activity including without limitation any cyber-attack or deliberate denial of service or other malicious third-party activity.
  • Backup of data over agreed limits.
  • Large data backups that do not complete in scheduled times.
  • Backup and restore of data to and from tape media.
  • Backup of databases systems on brick levels.
  • Any Outlook data files (PST) on local workstations or network.
  • Any damage or losses caused by using Cloud Email Security.
  • Any emails missing by using Cloud Email Security.
  • Any damage to any managed data storage equipment not connected to an Uninterrupted Power Supply.
  • Support and backup of data on mobile phones or mobile devices.
  • Support on unlicensed or illegal software.
  • Any system or software bugs.
  • Any actions of any third party or user with administrative access that is not employed by Zhero.
  • Data safety/protection without Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
  • Damage caused by virus via any access method into network.
  • Cloud Backup’s failure on low-quality internet solutions.

End of Schedule 1.


Schedule 3

Additional Terms and Conditions

for certain specified services.

(Paragraph 5.10.)

  1. Standard Support Services
  • Microsoft Client Operating System and Office Suite.
  • Microsoft Back office (Server, Domain Controller, Exchange, SQL, SharePoint).
  • Apple Operating System and Office Suite for MAC.
  • Apple Back Office (Server).
  • PDF readers/writers.
  • Standard scanner/printer software.
  • Basic support Adobe design and other design software.
  • Basic troubleshooting/support contracted hardware assets.
  • Basic support only on third-party applications (CRM, Accounts).
  • Basic printer setups, single desk moves.
  • Basic one-user/workstation/desk moves.
  • Basic PDA, mobile phones, and other mobile devices (limited remote setups).
  • Managed security devices/firewalls.
  • Managed switches, routers, SAN’s and NAS devices.
  • IOS, untangle, certified/renown network anti-virus only.


2. Conditions applicable to standard support services

  • Our direct-to-engineer/Zhero wait SLA is only for critical support, incidents and maintenance.
  • Any network/system configuration changes, additional software installation, basic new user, workstation setup, new basic installation, and/or desk move requires at least 3 working days lead time in the case of small projects and/or up to 5-10 working days lead time in the case of larger projects i.e. server software, installations, and changes.
  • Support and management on workstations/networks on windows domain level is provided only where the operating system supports domain-level functionality.
  • Home user VPN Virtual Private Network will only be setup for RDP to office workstation and/or terminal server except if workstation is part of the domain and under service agreement and complies with Supplier standards.
  • All printers and workstations in production require an Ethernet connection and the Supplier does not support wireless printers, scanners, and workstations.
  • Non-scan-to-mail print systems (non-built-in scan servers) requires a dedicated workstation. The Supplier will not install scanning software on all workstations on the network.
  • Server replication may be subject to specific additional conditions which will be advised.
  • Free advice and consultancy applies only on equipment bought from the Supplier.
  • The Supplier reserves the right to charge for the installation or uninstallation of any inappropriate software spyware or viruses.
  • Cloud Backups will be fully managed only if the server is also under management.


3. Cloud Backup Services

  • Unmanaged service is provided “as is” and the service is not monitored. Remote assistance will be charged at standard rate.
  • Managed service includes remote assistance and monitoring of the scheduled backups.
  • Backup infrastructure architecture requirements:
  • Local Backup device with enough capacity to store local copy of backups.
  • Retention of mailboxes and deleted items on Exchange level.
  • Implementation of Windows Shadow copies.
  • Working operating system for data restores and data cannot be accessed directly from cloud platform.


4. Cloud Email Security Services

  • Fair use policy applies with a limit of 150 GB incoming and 150 GB for a set of 100 mail boxes/email addresses per domain annually.
  • Email storing/caching is limited to 48 hours.
  • Any remote assistance will be charged at standard rates when the primary mail server is not under support cover.
  • Service not to be used for spam, mass marketing, and newsletters.
  • Fully automated software as a service (SAAS) in Zhero email security ensures that suspicious and harmful incoming emails are blocked and/or sterilised before they reach our clients. Outgoing email undergoes the same process before reaching its destination.


5. Disaster Recovery (DR) Services

  • Loan server delivery might vary as data sizes and data transfer speeds fluctuates.
  • Loan server delivery in event of DR will be at no additional cost.
  • Loan server service free of charge for a period of 10 working days only.
  • Loan server only to be used in event of DR and not in the event server failure as result of ignorance by Customer.
  • DR Service might be placed on hold for duration of any system migrations, upgrades, and/or installations.


6. Anti-Virus Management Services

  • Periodic update of all Data files required to detect and delete viruses introduced into the network from Data Drives.
  • The Supplier will not be held responsible for potential downtime on Customers’ system because of any form of exploit.
  • The Supplier will deploy best practices to minimize the occurrence of any exploit and will continue updates / full system scans.
  • The Supplier supports only network Anti-Virus systems and not standalone.


7. Connectivity, Co-location, and third-party Services

  • External partner-specific terms and conditions apply and are available on request.
  • Default duration for data centre cabinets, lease line, fibre connections are up to 3 years except where differently stated.
  • Supplier/vendor price increases might occur and cost will be relayed to Costumer.
  • Major line installs are subject to terms of contract and subject to way leaves, Supplier confirmation, and site survey and are exclusive of in-house cabling.

End of Schedule 3.


Schedule 4

Darktrace Terms and Conditions

  • By signing the Service Level Agreement(“Service Level Agreement”) or issuing a purchase order referencing the Service Level Agreement, End User agrees to be bound by the Darktrace Master Customer Agreement included in the Appliance and attached to the Service Level Agreement, which can also be found at: https://www.darktrace.com/resources/legal-online-terms.pdf (“Agreement”). Respectively, End User’s use of the Offering will be subject to the Darktrace Customer Agreement.
  • By signing the Service Level Agreement, End User acknowledges and agrees that usage of the Products and Services is governed by the Darktrace Master Services Agreement and Zhero has included the Master Services Agreement in the agreement with the End User.
  • End User’s use of Darktrace/Email/Office365 & Darktrace/Apps/M365 Detect & Respond are limited to the number of Mailboxes specified above (“Usage Metrics”). For such purposes, a “Mailbox” is an email account capable of sending or receiving email. Email volume is limited to agreed peak flow per day (“Email Volume”). Should the Mailbox limit or the Email Volume be exceeded, additional Fees shall be payable.
  • Fees are exclusive of any applicable sales tax, goods, and services tax, withholding tax or VAT. Fees will be invoiced bi-annually in advance from the Commencement Date.
  • If End User requires a purchase order, it must be sent at the time of acceptance of the Service Level Agreement and be for the full contract value. If it is not received, Zhero shall be entitled to invoice without it.
  • Acceptance of the Service Level Agreement is expressly limited to the terms of Zhero’s offer. Once accepted, the terms and conditions of the Service Level Agreement and the Agreement will be the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement between the parties. Any modifications proposed by End User are expressly rejected by Zhero and shall not become part of the Agreement in the absence of Zhero’s written acceptance.
  • The Service Level Agreement may be executed in any number of counterparts and by different parties in separate counterparts. Each counterpart when so executed shall be deemed to be an original and all of which together shall constitute one and the same agreement. Transmission of the executed counterpart of the Service Level Agreement by email (in PDF, JPEG or other agreed format) shall take effect as delivery of an executed counterpart.
  • By signing the Service Level Agreement, the End User acknowledges and agrees that it is making a contractual obligation to pay all Fees hereunder. Upon acceptance of the Service Level Agreement by Zhero, the End User cannot withdraw, and any such withdrawal will not release the End User from his obligation to pay the Fees in full.
  • By signing the Service Level Agreement, End User confirms that it has entered into a binding agreement with Zhero. End User is prohibited from replacing, transferring, or utilizing the Offering to any other end user.

End of Schedule 4.