You would like your business to be better – more efficient, more organised and more streamlined. And, you’ve got the latest tech, so what’s the problem? The problem that technologies become easily outmoded and ineffective. It’s not that you need to fix what isn’t broken, it’s that both your business and your technology need to stay current. A small investment in IT will ensure that you are in it for the long haul. Here are 5 technologies that it would be wise to spend your money on:

Use Analytics

Analytical tools are reserved for IT experts or marketing and SEO consultants. These tools will help you make the most out of your vault of data and reach out to customers before they know that they even need you. Typical examples of tools are SWOT, Pencil, Trello and Version One.

Digital Integration

The term ‘digital integration’ may sound a bit hackneyed, but your digitised business will benefit and save more money than you think. Do these things and watch your company grow: embrace IoT, go paperless, use digital marketing materials, use AI-driven sales techniques and invest in social media. Digital transformation and the ‘on-demand economy’ go hand in hand. Digital transformation means leveraging your data and thereby gaining a better understanding of your customers and the marketplace in general.


Some say that 42% of the global workforce will work remotely by 2022 – that’s 1.87 billion people. According to a study by IWG, International Workplace Group, 43% of all US workers already work remotely. You don’t need to give up your office space, but you do need to invest in technology that supports remote working. Telecommuting gives your business more muscle – it’s flexible, agile and always-on.


Application programming interfaces or APIs used to be associated with software developers wanting to integrate their technology with data from social media platforms. Nowadays, APIs will enhance the efficiency of your operations. Tools such as Basecamp or payment sites such as Stripe use APIs so that you can access key data without the typical security measures. This means that suppliers and employees can spend more time on the projects that matter for the growth of your business.

Managed IT

As your technology grows, so will your IT management requirements. Managed IT professionals have the experience and know-how in the field of IT. They understand the latest technologies and know what the best fit for your business will be. Moreover, managed IT services will provide reliable 247 networking monitoring so that your data, apps, tools and the IoT all remain safe and sound. Managed IT also provides an unprecedented opportunity to scale your business when the time is right.