Enough is enough 

You’re fed up! Your once trustworthy and reliable IT support provider is turning out to be your worst nightmare. They don’t keep up their end of the SLA and half the time you find yourself chasing them to find solutions for your business IT needs. If they answer the phone, that is. 

And while their remote support is acceptable, it takes forever for an IT engineer to arrive onsite and fix network and hardware problems. The downtime from your last system outage cost several thousand pounds, let alone the lost productivity. So, enough is enough. Time to outsource to a better, more stable IT supplier, and one that won’t leave a hole in your IT budget. 

Better the devil you know 

But halfway through your ‘IT support suppliers in my area’ Google search, you hesitate. Maybe changing your IT provider isn’t such a good idea. First of all, it’s going to be a hassle finding the ‘right company’. Researching and vetting possible candidates will require a significant investment of your time. 

And then there’s the relationship that you’ve built over time with your current IT provider. While they are far from perfect, they know your business, and you know how they operate. How long will it take to establish this level of communication and commitment with a new vendor? 

What about data migration issues? Will your data be safe or will it be compromised? GDPR compliance during the onboarding process? Data encryption? Will your IT infrastructure experience downtime during the transition? And if so, for how long and how much will it cost? 

These are all worrying and important questions. But the secret to successfully partnering with a new IT supplier is simple: find the ‘right company’. 

Disrupt IT once for a better future 

Some say that a change is as good as a holiday. And this also applies to your business IT. While your doubts and fears over changing your IT supplier are not unfounded, positive disruption to your business IT means increased productivity, better teamwork, enhanced security and operational innovation. 

When you find the ‘right company’, changing hands of your IT management will be smooth and seamless. Your new IT provider will offer custom and bespoke hybrid public and private cloud solutions, ensuring that your critical data is securely backed up, your systems are monitored 24/7 and you’ll have access to the latest tech innovations, patching and upgrades. Your concerns about virus, malware and network penetration will be something of the past.  

And downtime during the switch? Again, the ‘right company’ will guarantee zero downtime, or at the very least, close to zero. Your new IT partner will assess your IT infrastructure to determine any spots that may be vulnerable during the migration process. Using virtualisation, they’ll replicate your servers, operating systems and data. This means that it will be business as usual for you and your team while the changeover takes place. 

IT change for the better

After reading this, you should realise that switching your IT supplier is easier than you think. Outsourcing your IT to the ‘right company’ will mean your network is monitored and maintained 24/7 and your business data is forever safe. Custom-made cloud solutions will mean that your team can work from anywhere and at any time. And the good news doesn’t end there: improved IT solutions won’t put you out of pocket! 

When you are ready to change your IT for the better, please mail us at info@zhero.co.uk and you’ll find us to be the ‘right company’ for your IT needs.