According to the 2018 Siegel + Gale Simplicity Index, simplicity pays:

  • The top 10 simplest brands have outperformed the major indexes by 679%
  • 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for simpler experiences
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to recommend a brand because it provides simpler experiences and communications
  • Brands leave $98 billion on the table when they don’t simplify

Google and Netflix lead the pack of the simplest and most profitable brands in the UK. Globally, Netflix, ALDI and Google hold the top 3 spots.

What does this mean for your business IT? Easy. Once you’ve got rid of the tangled mess of data silos, outmoded applications, slow run times and legacy software, you will have the opportunity and flexibility to select the best IT solutions for your company. Solutions that are easy to use and promise a massive increase in turnover.

Here now are 6 easy-to-implement tips for simplifying your business IT.

Immediate Access to Innovation

Life moves pretty fast in the technology world and you cannot afford to wait for the capabilities you need to stay competitive. Look for simple and affordable cloud computing options. Identify applications that will cover your essential CRM, accounting, finance, marketing and procurement scenarios.

Private Managed Cloud

Migrating your data and applications to a private managed cloud isn’t as out of reach as you think it might be. Also, a private managed cloud has much greater business flexibility and the agility to realize the benefits of new innovations.

247 Support

Make sure that you get around the clock support from your IT managed services provider. The MSP must provide proactive monitoring and maintenance and should apply effective business continuity strategies to minimise any downtime in the vent of disaster recovery.

Start at the End

If you don’t already know this, identify the critical outcomes for your business operations. Any simplification of your IT means focussing on targeted outcomes. Your IT simplification initiatives should be driven by a fully-understood company vision that is shared among all your team players.

Status Quo

It is vital that you understand the status quo of your existing IT systems and processes. Simply put, know what is going on before simplifying anything. Ask your employees, ass ess your levels of data security and completely audit your IT infrastructure to get this baseline understanding.

Simplification is not Superficial

Remember that you are simplifying IT to make business easy and smooth for your customers and employees. But this simplification doesn’t mean removing the need for detailed planning. Simplification is not superficial. Your IT simplification initiatives should be well-strategized and involve a data-driven approach to planning, testing and implementation. This way the results of your IT simplification are measurable and controlled.