Your business IT is floundering and you need help yesterday. What should you look for when seeking out an IT expert to take all your tech troubles away? Here are five areas in which your IT expert should be an IT expert. If they aren’t, then run the other way as quickly as you can.

Help Desk

Even with your new IT guy lending their expertise 247, hardware still breaks, and software doesn’t behave the way it should. You need somebody to call when you can’t fix what is broken. That’s your IT expert, who can respond and handle your problems. This they can do remotely or onsite. Your IT expert will be able to set up, install and repair computer equipment. They can train your employees on how to effectively use hardware and software.

Network Management

IT experts are expert at network management and administration. Your IT guy will ensure that employee workstations are working as they should, and servers and mobile devices are functioning at an optimal level.  They can do almost any form of computer maintenance, fix all network issues and upgrade computer security systems. At the end of the day,  network administrators design systems to operate at minimum cost and that promote productivity.


The internet is a playground for cybercriminals and hacking threats are becoming increasingly more common and sophisticated. Your IT expert plays a major role in implementing cybersecurity software to protect your IT infrastructure and precious data. IT experts use data encryption programs and firewalls to protect your data, network and machines. The IT expert relentlessly checks your systems to detect security breaches and immediately investigates should you fall victim to an attack.


If you decide to opt in to cloud computing, it’s much more than buying a few terabytes of online capacity. Your IT expert will analyse the data needs of your business, and then design and plan the migration to the cloud. Your IT expert is an architect of cloud infrastructure who will ensure that you get the most out of cloud computing. You can start with IaaS, move up a level to PaaS or take on everything with SaaS. If you really need it, then the IT expert will arrange DraaS, giving you complete peace of mind.

Get an Expert

To cut a long story short then, make sure that your expert IT guy is really an expert. Expert at helpdesk resolution. Expert at network management. A cybersecurity expert. A cloud computing expert. Your IT guy must be more than an IT specialist. Your IT guy must a pro and a crackerjack in the world of information technology.