Technology for business is much more than a means to an end. Nowadays, IT means more than using a computer to get your work done quicker or using it as a storage facility for your data. Your IT impacts on customer communications, business culture, data protection and much more. Besides saving time and money, IT is necessary for any enterprise to succeed.

When it comes to your business IT, you need a simple solution. Something that works, something that is always on, smart systems that can transform your business and the world around you. Here are some immediate actions to take that will simplify and revamp your business IT.

Consistent Software

Be consistent with the software that you use. Many small businesses use one package for sales, another for accounting, another for payroll and yet another for customer marketing. What a nightmare! Not only is this logistically convoluted, but it means that onboarding employees are faced with a super steep learning curve.  Be smart and pare your software down to one or two applications. QuickBooks offers hundreds of templates for almost any report while Microsoft Office is the best document-sharing software you can imagine. Salesforce can cope with everything from sales and marketing to customer management and analytics.

Password Speed

Too many passwords to remember. That’s an understatement. Trying to remember multiple passwords is a hassle and is enormously time-consuming. To cut a long story short – passwords slow you down and directly impact productivity. Get up to speed using a password manager such as LastPass or Dashlane. These platforms let you store and share passwords, and everybody can quickly log into applications with ease. An added bonus is that you can control who has permission to access web logins and apps meaning you have heightened and consistent security.

Simple Cloud

Data storage used to pose a significant challenge for businesses. This was not only in terms of an exponentially increasing quantity of data but also concerns of security and compliance of local data storage. The days of worry are long gone. Cloud storage means that you won’t have sleepless nights anticipating the worst. When will the network break? What happens when we lose a massive chunk of data?


Cloud computing is a simple data storage and management solution. Data is automatically backed up and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. The cloud means you are always-on, providing that you are connected to the internet. All your precious data is on remote servers and the doom and gloom scenario of downtime is something of the past. Check out Google Cloud,  Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS and decide the option best for your business. AWS Lightsail is great if you are a start-up.

Managed Communication

Finally, partner up with someone in the know. When you put your trust in an expert Managed IT Service Provider, the sky’s the limit in terms of transforming your business and empowering your employees. Your IT partner can recommend the best software, the best password manager and the best cloud solution. Simplify your business IT today and flourish. Simplify your business IT and transform. Simplify your business IT and become a multiplier.