The New Year and a new decade are here. A lot to celebrate and much more to think about. Who quite knows what the future will hold? Here are some predictions about the forefront of tech in our 2020 world.

Artificial Intelligence

Modern connectivity has evolved into a blending of the internet, the web, mobile devices, big data in the cloud and IoT. So, what next? The idea of humanizing computerized interfaces is not too far off. These interfaces will be able to understand user patterns and needs and make informed decisions. This kind of artificial intelligence may not be the things that science fiction movies are made of, but this form of personalization will revolutionize connectivity as we know it.

Internet of Things

Like it or not, just about every business will soon become an Internet of Things (IoT) operation. Cisco’s Jasper Control Centre will manage the connectivity of all IoT devices in a single SaaS solution with 247 and 365 access. This level of connectivity means that a substantial increase in value is delivered to customers throughout the product lifecycle. Also, launching an IoT business means focusing on delivering services that work as opposed to products. When businesses see the light and realize that IoT isn’t about ‘things’ but services and experiences, they will be positioned to meet new customer demands, open new avenues for turnover and thrive in a connected world.


Data, data everywhere and the amount of data in the world are growing exponentially. And so, it will be in 2020. To say competitive in the market, businesses will need to be able to process and analyse big data systems using 6C systems: connection, cloud, cyber, content, community and customization. Analytics will see a move away from reporting with prediction and prescriptive practices taking the stage. Such analysis will impact positively to help those who are ill or injured. 6C system analytics will mean personalized healthcare with the analysis of specific behaviours, genetics and environmental factors for the betterment of humankind.

Internet Everywhere

Some say that we are on the verge of the ‘internet of everywhere.’ Some say that the ‘internet of everywhere’ is already here. Soon the internet will be available to everybody, irrespective of wealth, position or status. IoT is destined to become a footnote and history with IoE – the Internet of Everywhere becomes a new and daily reality of life.

Enabled Education

Each individual on the planet is talented and has a useful skillset. The trick is to figure out what skills different employers need. Evolving technology disrupts static jobs, so much so that many jobs today didn’t exist 20 years ago: app developers, SEO specialists, 3D printing technicians, sustainability managers, e-commerce entrepreneurs, and the list goes on. It’s predicted that 65% of today’s graduates’ jobs haven’t been invented yet.

Currently, there seems to be a disconnect between education providers and employers. In the not to distant future, however, that disconnect will dissipate. Technology will enable education and training to dynamically respond to the real-time demands and requirements of the labour market. Since many students will be studying online, courses can be easily updated as the demand for skills changes. Employees will easily be able to top up their education and subsequently remain relevant in the workforce.