Business nowadays moves at a breathtakingly rapid pace. As a result, you, your team and your business operations need to leverage maximum agility. How do you do this? Zhero shows you how to get up your business up to speed right here.

Website Makeover

If your business operates on word-of-mouth or SQLs, then you might fall into the trap of thinking that a tawdry website is acceptable. Think again. People are impressed by what they see so present them with a site that is slick, highly functional and fresh. If you don’t have the technical expertise, then hire a web developer/designer to do the job. A good content writer will also craft compelling words to maximise SEO and help your online organic growth.


Outsource the things that you aren’t so good at or that you don’t have time for. This could be IT, accounting, social media marketing or procurement. Doing this means you will have a lot more time to invest in developmental projects that will bring speed and flexibility to your business.

Get Sound Financial Advice

Put your money where your mouth is and get a good accountant. Sound financial advice will ensure that invoices are sent on time, vendor relationship remains positive and that the books balance. An experienced accountant will also advise on the best financial and accounting software to use and what structure to implement. When your money is in safe hands, you can focus on overcoming with the competition.

Go to Market

Not literally but marketing should be pivotal in acquiring new business and as well as retaining customers. If you have the means, invest in a smart marketing strategy. This could include tacks such as content and social media marketing, Google AdWords, SEO, email campaigns and holding events.

Please People

Besides time, people are your most important asset in business. And the people fall into two categories – your customers and your employees – and you want to keep them both. Investing in HR training and business management programmes is a very small price to pay for customer and staff retention. Contented people will mean that your business can prosper and grow.

That’s It

The simple solution to make your business speedy: revamp your website, get into marketing, outsource, hook up with a great accountant and keep everybody happy. It’s that simple.