Cloud Solutions

Zhero is a pioneer in providing state-of-the-art, bespoke hybrid business cloud solutions where your core services are stored securely in the cloud whilst giving you fast access to your files locally. We design, implement and maintain both private and public business cloud solutions.

With our cloud solutions and services you will know where your data is all the time, secure in our UK multi data infrastructure.

Here are some of the features and benefits of using us.


Hybrid public & private cloud
Security & protection
Data backup & archive
Email & archive
Skype business & VOIP
Azure, Office 365, Google & Amazon


Bespoke design & implementation
Web & virus intelligence in cloud
Offsite systems for easy data retrieval
Access from anywhere with a record of sent & received
Improved internal communication solutions
Specialist consultancy & management on all key cloud providers





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Zhero’s private cloud

Zhero can implement and maintain a cost-effective private cloud solution for your business. A private cloud means that all hardware is on-site and your IT department is in direct control of the cloud infrastructure. It is designed specifically to meet your data storage and access needs, including any limitations of your existing IT network.

Some say that private cloud is an expensive storage option since the cloud is meant to lower costs and increase storage capacity. While you may not benefit from the economies of scale that come with public cloud, the private option is a viable alternative to centralise volumes of data and applications without exposing them to a third-party vendor.

Through consultation, Zhero will design the best private cloud solution for you. We partner with Microsoft, IBM and Dell to bring you the latest virtualisation and cloud computing technologies available.

Zhero’s public cloud

Zhero will implement and maintain a public cloud solution for your enterprise. Using a public cloud, you save money and time. You will not need to purchase, install, operate or maintain any data storage equipment as you would in the case of private cloud. A trusted third-party public cloud provider takes care of all of that. Besides the cost-savings benefit, your IT team are able to develop applications suited to your business operation and these are then hosted by the public cloud provider.

Zhero can recommend the best public cloud solution for you based on the size of your organisation, the amount of storage you need and the level of data security that you need to apply. Zhero partners with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to give you known, reliable and trustworthy providers.

Zhero’s hybrid cloud

Zhero is a pioneer in cloud computing providing the latest hybrid cloud solutions to meet your all your data storage needs. Hybrid cloud means that your core data and applications are stored securely and remotely using a third-party public cloud provider. The files and data that you need rapid access to are stored on-site, in cloud servers within your own data centre.

Hybrid cloud is, in effect, a mix of both private and public cloud. To protect your most critical data, you can opt for local cloud storage. On the other hand, large quantities of less-sensitive data can be moved to the public cloud, freeing up your private resource.

Zhero will design and implement a ‘mix and match’ hybrid cloud solution best suited to your business, taking scalability, security and flexibility into account. As with any cloud package, you have offsite systems for easy data retrieval, data backup and archive, email and archive, Skype and other business VoIP, and much more. All that with the very best virus intelligence, data security and IT infrastructure protection that the cloud can offer. Zhero can offer a range of SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 so that you can access your data from anywhere and at any time.

Why choose the cloud?

Simply put, the cloud means saving money, putting less of a drain on human resources and significantly improving the security of your data and applications. With Zhero’s cloud services, you will know where your data is all the time. You will also know that it is secure in our UK multi-data infrastructure. Zhero provides specialist consultation on key cloud providers and will manage your seamless transition into the world of cloud computing.


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    “Energy UK has received excellent IT support from Zhero for the past 5 years; we are very happy with the quality of service that we receive. Their engineers are fast to respond and take ownership of our IT and user requirements, whatever form they take. They have also assisted us with an office IT relocation and expertly moved all our IT using their specialists to design, manage and deliver the relocation of our IT equipment with impact to our business or users. Importantly they kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zhero to any business”

    Whestly Dio, Office Manager at Energy UK