Tech-savvy or not, people can bungle IT in the workplace. This could be from buying the wrong hardware, inadequate care and maintenance of devices and applications, or not applying tough enough IT security. Besides these minor issues, there are the top 4 big IT mistakes that businesses make. Check them out.

Overusing the Cloud

Everybody has migrated their business IT to the cloud- or will soon. A wise move, you might think. But not so intelligent when your internet goes down and you cannot access your data. Also, data does get accidentally deleted, that’s a fact. So, your best bet is to store your data in several locations. Use a reliable cloud provider such as Google, Amazon or Microsoft. Invest in network-attached storage (NAS) and get a couple of portable external drives to store data that you cannot afford to lose. Remember that by only using the cloud, you are placing all your critical data in the hands of another company.

Bad Backup

It’s no use having a backup plan if you don’t use it. Having all the cloud storage, NAS and physical drives in the world won’t help if you don’t back up or data regularly – and check the integrity of the backups. Remember that data recovery is time consuming, painstaking and expensive task and you may never recover some of your valuable business data.

Security Slacking

Hackers and cybercrooks are getting smarter by the minute. They want to steal your business data and sell it on or hold you to ransom. IT security, therefore, should be first and foremost on your mind when protecting your data. Have robust firewalls in place and update your operating systems and antivirus often. Email and social media accounts are particularly vulnerable to hacking, so have a stringent IT security policy in place. A policy that all your staff adheres to.

Wrong Tech Support

Choosing the wrong tech support, especially if you run a small business, can be fatal. No, the next-door-neighbour or the ‘guy you know’ won’t cut it. You need professional support and advice for your business IT. Your local Managed Service Provider (MSP) will have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most effective business IT support. Managed IT services are a cost-effective means of using the cloud with care, ensuring that your data is backed up, and keeping your IT secure.