Who remembers those good old days of the dumb phone, the fax machine and the audio cassette tape? Some of us here do – so no guessing as to how old we are! But for the millennials, the concept of a phonebook, vinyl records, Gameboy and Polaroid instant cameras are all but a mystery.

But those technologies that the millennials have taken so kindly to may well be discarded by the likes of Generation Z and Generation Alpha. Let’s take a look at five on the hit list.

Universal Serial Bus

People are increasingly migrating to the cloud to store their data. In the not too distant future, that’s all that will be used. The handy and convenient USB will join the ranks of floppy disks, CDs and DVDs that not so long ago it replaced.

Digital Cameras

Digital cameras replaced film cameras less than two decades ago. Now it looks like they are also headed for an early grave. Smartphone cameras provide high-resolution graphics and are portable, making the clunky digital camera less user-friendly.


Even our beloved laptops are a target for extinction. Modern tablets have enhanced computing ability and most computing needs will transition to the tablet, thus replacing laptops. Tablets could easily be fitted with a docking station that allows peripheral attachments, such as a keyboard or printer, and a larger screen. 

On and Off

The light switch that we have grown so fond of will also become a thing of the past. With IoT and voice-activated assistants such as Alexa and Siri, on or off will be executed by a simple vocal command. Smart lights can also adjust lighting according to daylight availability, ambient light, and occupancy right on your smartphone, rather than just flicking a switch to a standard setting.

Not so Smart

It is predicted by 2040, smartphones will be replaced altogether by a new hands-free system. Specially designed glasses that give you internet access or retinal and ocular implants are examples of what a hands-free system could look like in our future. All you’ll have to do is give a simple voice command and you will be able to look up content wherever you are on the planet, at any time, day or night.

Goodbye Pesky Passwords

Passwords have to be updated. We forget them. We have dozens of them. Not for long. Apple and Samsung already use Touch ID technology. This is a new form of user-identification and verification that uses your fingerprint or face shape to unlock your phone instead of having to login in with your password. Besides being time-saving, this method has also proven to be much more secure than the traditional password credential log in.

There’s much more to come from biometric authentication, the technology that allows you access to your information without the need for passwords. Experts predict that the password system will become obsolete and be replaced by biometric methods for total security and super convenience.