The PC is the industry standard for business users – with the exception of the creative and design world, of course. As the owner, CEO, CFO or CIO or a small to medium sized business (SMB), which would be the best choice for your company, especially in terms of cost, business IT support and managed IT services? Mac or PC?

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of Mac and PC hardware.

Mac Pros 

Company Image

If your company needs to dress to impress, then Macs are the top choice to win customers over. Macs can be thought of as ‘designer’ laptops, with their sleek and luxurious design, bright and colourful displays, and highly responsive keyboards. Spending that high-end buck could be a worthwhile investment is company image is key to your business operations and propositioning.

Safe and Easy to Keep

Macs are low maintenance. If your SMB lacks the funds to pay for fully-fledged business IT support, then Macs are the real deal. Also, when last did you hear of a large-scale cybersecurity incident involving Apple products? Never, right. Hackers tend to steer clear of Macs because of the robust and secure nature of the technology.

Mac Cons 

Expensive and No Choice

Do you think you can purchase a Mac for the same price as a PC? I think not. Macs are expensive. If you are operating on a shoestring budget, then forget Apple. While the products are durable and have excellent longevity, the initial outlay will cost a packet.

Only Apple makes Macs. This means that your design and configuration options are limited. Likewise, when that power cord or charger breaks, can you afford to take a chance on a generic? I think not.

Office for Mac 

In days gone by, MS Office would only work on PCs. Luckily, the software is now compatible with Mac, although it might take some getting used too. Office for Mac is not identical to that for PC, especially Outlook.

PC Pros 

Price War

PCs crush Macs when it comes to price. The average cost of a workstation PC is £400. Multiply that by 3 and that’s what you’ll pay for a Mac.

Design and Customisation

PCs come in many more flavours and sizes than Macs. There are numerous manufacturers of desktops and laptops and hence many design options. Also, it’s easy to add and take away PC hardware and software, depending on the needs of individual employees.

PC Cons


Don’t bother to purchase antivirus software when you purchase a PC. I think not. PCs are highly susceptible and vulnerable to hacking and all cybersecurity threats. Although antivirus is cheap, it needs to be constantly updated and patched. If you forget this, your data and applications are at risk of loss or failure.

Quality and Style

PCs are ugly ducklings compared to Macs, quite dowdy in comparison. In terms of quality of built and functionality, there is a huge range, too. If you pay a low price, you’ll get something cheap and flimsy that needs replacing a year down the line.

Last Word on Your Employees

These ideas on whether to go for Mac or PC are only a guide. Remember that your employees will have IT preferences. You’ll get your die-hard Mac or PC fans that will never be swayed from their brand of choice. And there’s definitely something to be said about keeping your employees happy.