Customer service and satisfaction lie at the heart of every business, whether you provide a product or a service, or work in a deskless environment. Underpinning the success of your business operations is IT that works. IT that effectively supports functions and IT that your employees are comfortable with.

Since your business is tech-dependent, it is essential that you chose the right tech to do the job. Here are some critical things to consider when procuring IT for your business.


In today’s highly competitive market, being productive is key. The job market is also tight, so your employees need to be as productive as possible. Your new IT should decrease non-productive time and increase productivity.


When your employees are motivated, their performance is optimised. Choose tech that is user-friendly will help to enhance the employee experience. You know the saying ‘happy wife, happy life.’ The same sentiment applies to your staff. Happy and empowered employees work efficiently and are less likely to quit.


Investing in IT should save you money otherwise what’s the point? Your tech should save on costs, decrease any asset downtime, and save your business time and money.


Your IT systems are there to streamline communications – both internally and externally. Good communication means everybody gets the right answers and right on time. Make sure that your tech does this.


Whether it’s hardware, your website or an application, your tech should improve customer experience. Take Amazon, for example. They prove that consistently good user experience does wonders to make customers return, again and again. That is why the company is such a successful brand. Does your IT equate to consistency, predictability and standardization for your customers?


The GDPR isn’t to be taken lightly. Since it’s inception, more than 100 companies, government bodies and individuals have been fined, with fines ranging from €300 to €110,000,000 – and that’s a lot of money. Check out the GDPR Enforcement Tracker if you don’t believe these numbers. You need to have a reliable IT audit trail in place to ensure GDPR compliance.

IT that Works

So, on a closing note, get the tech that works for your business. Let your IT work for you in a productive, predictable and auditable way.