Cyber Security For Business

By outsourcing the security of your IT infrastructure to us, your data, devices and network are fully protected and secured. We use the latest, tested cyber security technologies to ensure that you do not become a victim of cybercrime.


Intrusion prevention systems (IPS)
Advanced threat protection (ATP)
Anti-virus & malware protection
Firewall & patch management
Email security & anti-spam
GDPR complaint data security


Improved compliance (GDPR) & data security
Prevent data loss & breaches
Pre-exploit risk reduction of fraud, theft & data leakage
Supports AIC triad security model
Instant detection and remediation of threats & vulnerabilities
Threat warnings & access to professional advice




61% percent of small businesses are victimised by cyber attacks each year, and one in five victims do not survive. It is financially worthwhile to make sure that your business is secure from cyber attacks and threats.

What is a vulnerability test:

A vulnerability test is a comprehensive audit of security flaws that a hacker could exploit, and the possible consequences. This is the equivalent of a doctor giving a physical examination. This information will allow you to know what your risks are and plan your security policies accordingly. Vulnerability tests should be conducted quarterly or whenever you are incorporating new equipment or software into your IT network.

What is a pen-test:

A pen-test is a simulated attack on a network to test the strength of its security. Usually, the pen-tester will have a specific objective such as compromising a piece of data. A penetration test is designed to actually exploit weaknesses in the architecture of your systems. Different Industries and Government / Public Sector organisations will have different mandated requirements for pen-testing. One of the more broad reaching regulations, the PCI DSS, for example, requires pen-testing to be conducted on an annual basis. However, it is prudent to go beyond the legal minimum. You should also conduct a pen-test every time you have:

  • added new network infrastructure or applications,
  • made significant upgrades or
  • modifications to infrastructure or applications,
  • established new office locations,
  • applied a security patch
  • modified end user policies.

Consider two scenarios:

“All of your data is extremely vulnerable… because a hacker took all of your customers’ credit card data and locked your company data behind ransomware.”

“All of your data is extremely vulnerable…we know this because we did a vulnerability test of your network, identifying critical vulnerabilities that are exploitable. We have suggestions on how to improve your IT security.”

The Challenge

With Cyber Security becoming a more prominent issue on board agendas, customer audit requirements and on supplier contracts and bids, how can you provide assurance to your stakeholders that security is being managed to a baseline industry level, but at an affordable cost? Coupled with new vulnerabilities being reported daily and damaging Cyber Security attacks regularly in the news, how can you also get peace of mind that your internet connection, workstations, devices and data are secured from common internet attacks, viruses and malware?

The Solution

As an entry point to assess the presence of fundamental Cyber Security defences and help you set a path to improve your protection against common internet Cyber Security threats, our best of breed partner, MTI offer the following Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES) assessments

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Service Features

Cyber Essentials Report

The results of the above testing are delivered in a report which provides high level details of findings, grading of risks from High to Medium severity, description of flaws discovered, action points and recommendations to address each flaw.

Advice and guidance

A telephone debrief is included to explain the contents of the report and to answer any questions.

Cyber Essentials Certificate

As an accredited Certifying Body (under CREST1), our partner, MTI issue a Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus Certificate when you achieve a pass in all required areas, which you can use to demonstrate compliance to your stakeholders.

How can we help

Cyber Essentials is recognised as a starting point on your cyber security journey, as your needs grow we’re partnering with MTI’s CHECK and CREST Penetration Testing team to provide more advanced testing from our portfolio of over 30 innovative assessments inaddition to compliance related consultancy for areas such as ISO 27001 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to ensure improvements in your Cyber Security protection. 1 Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers,

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