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Office IT Relocation

Relocating office may seem like a daunting prospect. With Zhero managing your IT during the move this is not the case. Our experienced consultants assist with planning, are at hand on the day, and test your IT infrastructure at your new premises.


    Infrastructure and desk moves 5 to 100+
    Dedicated project manager
    Preparation, planning & management
    Weekday or weekend schedules
    Onsite & remote engineers
    Testing , QC and live date support


    Flexible terms, resources & packages based on budget
    No downtime and minimum disruption
    Point-to-point delivery, setup & connection
    Secure, protected & hassle free
    Expert cable management
    Disaster & contingency support


Business on the move

Relocating office may seem like a daunting prospect. With Zhero managing your IT during the move this is not the case. Our experienced consultants assist with planning, are at hand on the day, and test your IT infrastructure at your new premises.

Zhero ensures that your systems remain secure and accessible during the move. You’ll experience minimal downtime and enjoy business as usual. No matter the size of your enterprise, Zhero guarantees a cost-effective and trouble-free IT relocation.

Planning IT relocation

Rigorous planning underpins any successful office move. By consulting with your executive management, Zhero will devise a comprehensive plan for your IT relocation that stipulates a timeframe, delegates responsibilities, includes strategies for keeping your network secure and how you can remain online whilst relocating.

Zhero liaises with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) so that they schedule access at the new site prior to the IT move. Zhero checks the existing cabling and outlets at the new premises so that all your IT hardware requirements are met. Zhero is also happy to work with your telephone or VoIP supplier to confirm that you get the service you need at the new location.

We will handle IT

Talk to us and get a free quote to move your IT infrastructure.

Before the move

Zhero will backup all data and applications before you move office. Data backups are encrypted so that they are protected should devices go missing. Our engineers test Wi-Fi at the new site so that you have stable connectivity and the broadband connection matches your IT infrastructure.

Zhero works with you to decide which devices will remain online on the day of the IT move. These are most likely to be BYOD technologies that can be accessed remotely and there is minimal disruption to business. Zhero will also ensure that these endpoints are secure.

On the day

On the day of the move, Zhero is involved in practical tasks as well as those relating to your IT. We arrange for the secure transportation and delivery of hardware and external drives and ensure that boxed hardware is appropriately stored for transit. We ensure network availability and data access via the cloud using secured Wi-Fi. We will also install all devices using a floorplan as a reference tool.

At your new office

Once you have settled in, we’ll be on site to assist with hardware configuration and software updates needed to optimise your network. Our engineers test data access so that you know that files are available to those who have permissions. Zhero also remotely monitors your network to check that email, storage and backup are working as they should.

Why move with Zhero?

Zhero has been in the IT support industry for over a decade. Our experienced engineers have the know-how to plan and implement your IT relocation and test that your IT infrastructure is optimised and secure at your new home. Zhero also provides ongoing post-move IT support so you won’t need to worry about any technical issues that may arise. Moving with Zhero is an affordable, stress-free part of the expansion and growth of your business.

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Fixed Cost

Up-to-date IT knowledge

Our engineers are fully certified and have continual professional development programs to ensure they are always up to speed industry knowledge.

Fixed Cost

Instant personal response

When you have an IT problem you need to someone that can start fixing it immediately. When you call us you speak directly to the engineer.

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Cost effective solutions

We believe in building your IT systems on a foundation of trust and always seek to provide you with the right practical solution that fits your budget.

“Energy UK has received excellent IT support from Zhero for the past 5 years; we are very happy with the quality of service that we receive. Their engineers are fast to respond and take ownership of our IT and user requirements, whatever form they take. They have also assisted us with an office IT relocation and expertly moved all our IT using their specialists to design, manage and deliver the relocation of our IT equipment with impact to our business or users. Importantly they kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zhero to any business”Whestly Dio
Office Manager at Energy UK