Yes! This is not a joke! You have the ability to simplify the most complex problems and projects – at work and at home. Just check out these easy steps. And always remember that IT makes life SIMPLE for people.

Translate IT

Complicated language can make the simplest issue seem complex. Deciphering technical jargon can be a pain in the unmentionables. Dumb down your language – and anybody else’s – like you are speaking to a 12-year-old. Think about the main message and consider everything else as background noise. Translate the language into the words of a child and you’ll see just how simple problems and projects become.

Break IT Up

As projects or problems get bigger, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. To simplify things all you need to do is break the project or problem down into manageable chunks. Sounds cliched but it works. When the whole exists as small parts, you can prioritize and create a simple plan of action.

List IT

Some parts of a project or problem may be outside your field of expertise or experience. Don’t be afraid to list these. Solve these issues one by one before getting in over your head. You’ll then see how simple it becomes to move forward with your plan.

IT has a Big Picture

Don’t get caught up in the complexities of a project or problem. Just like simplifying the language, look at the big picture. What is really causing a problem? What is the simplest, cheapest and quickest way to solve it? Having a larger perspective means that you can implement a broader, simpler and systematic solution.

Map IT

Map IT. Create a visual. Most of us are visual thinkers and respond better to what we see rather than hearing or reading. When a project or problem has been clearly mapped out, you and your team can track progress and simplify the road to solving the problem or completing the project.

Eat IT

You are faced with a humongous problem. And you are perplexed – you don’t know where to start. You can’t eat a horse in one mouthful, only one bite at a time. One step at a time and you’ll simplify the project or problem. This approach may seem slow at first but remember slow and steady wins the race. Make no mistake, baby steps simplify any problem or project.

Delegate IT

You don’t have to go it alone. Many hands make light work. Delegate. Get others to do the work. Sometimes the best way to simplify a complex problem or projects is not to do anything yourself. You can manage a team or outsource to a knowledgeable third party. Nothing can be simpler than being an innocent bystander.

Next time you can look at examples of making things simple at work and at play.

We love what IT can do for people

We love that IT makes life SIMPLE for people