Don’t be caught off-guard by your employee’s sensitive data.

With the number of data breaches increasing every day, it’s probable that your employees’ private information is for sale on the internet. 

We will run a full scan for all compromised credentials associated with your domains. 

You can prevent a breach by acting now. 

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Security first

Our free baseline security assessment analyses any online presence that your business has. We simulate a phishing response and provide you with security awareness training data. Put simply, you get an overall picture of your human-related security risks.

There’s a single and simple rule: to stop cybercriminals, we all need to actively play a part in cybersecurity.

  1. Determine what’s compromised


The first step is to find out what has been compromised by scanning the internet. We will find all accounts and credentials associated with your domain that have been compromised. Remember that all this information is free for anybody to see or use online.  


  1. Assess employee vulnerabilities


When compromised data is freely available on the internet, the risk of receiving phishing emails increases exponentially. We’ll send a phishing email to your employees to see how they respond and react.  Assessing employee vulnerability is being proactive against cybercrime.  

  1. Education and training

We will provide you with the latest, tried-and-tested security awareness training. When your employees are educated about cybersecurity risks, they are prepared to protect both themselves and your business. Remedial educations means keeping your business secure.

  1. Why bother?

Businesses with limited IT budgets are easy prey for cybercriminals. Even the best technology won’t work if your employees are leaking critical business data onto the internet. Let’s help your employees keep your business and its data safe.