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Hardware Rental

Flexible agreement terms ensure our clients have instant availability, when and where they are needed. We provision emergency equipment within hours in the event of disaster 24/7. Our clients also benefit from low initial investment, complete system care and cover.


    Equipment rental
    Hardware cover
    Software rental
    Emergency services
    Printer rental & maintenance
    Professional services


    Short term agreements for cost savings
    Complete cover for all existing hardware in the event of failures
    Simplified short term software agreements, cover & support
    Server, storage, workstation, firewall & switch delivered within hours
    Comprehensive maintenance plans & cover
    Direct access to professional consultancy & installation

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Hardware and software for hire

Zhero’s hardware rental scheme facilitates the leasing of all IT-related hardware including servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, printers and projectors. Zhero also provides a range of software applications that can be rented alongside any equipment that you need.

In the event of an emergency, Zhero can source and install replacement hardware within hours of the event. This instant response service means that your network experiences minimum downtime and is functioning as it should within minutes of installation.


For your hardware requirements, both short-term and long-term agreements are available. Zhero’s short-term contracts mean that your immediate equipment needs are met and at the same time you won’t exceed your IT budget. Longer-term contracts suit established businesses reliant on more complex IT systems. These agreements come with negotiated discounts. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that your IT infrastructure is fully equipped in the long run with the latest technologies.

Zhero has simplified short-term software agreements that are designed to save you time and money. Packages such as financial and payroll software, database management and asset management applications can be leased and provide short-term solutions to many of your business needs.


All rental agreements are comprehensively covered and supported by Zhero. Should disaster strike, a Zhero engineer is at hand 24×7 to fix or replace any faulty hardware. Software applications can also be reinstalled and updated. Complete cover means that you don’t need to worry about unexpected events such as theft or fire, should they happen.


No matter how big or small your hardware rental contract is, Zhero is there for you throughout all stages of the installation process. A qualified engineer will consult with you about your IT infrastructure needs and recommend the most appropriate equipment and software. Installation is easy and seamless, with experts placing and connecting devices where you want them to be. Whether it is a single printer, a bank of workstations or a new server, your Zhero engineer will not leave until all devices are optimised to support your business. Should you later encounter any problems, an engineer is a phone call away to provide an instant solution.


Device management is part of any hardware rental agreement that you have with Zhero. Engineers will routinely check that hardware is optimised and carry out any maintenance should it be required. As a Zhero client renting hardware, you benefit from a low initial investment, ongoing system maintenance and complete cover should something go wrong.


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Up-to-date IT knowledge

Our engineers are fully certified and have continual professional development programs to ensure they are always up to speed industry knowledge.

Technical Summary

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Instant personal response

We know that when you have an IT problem you’d like to speak to someone who can start fixing it immediately. When you call us you speak directly to the engineer.

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Cost effective solutions

We believe in building your IT systems on a foundation of trust and always seek to provide you with practical solutions that fit your budget.

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“Zhero is our professional supplier in England. They provide a good job with a good customer of Simac. Well done, keep it up colleagues!”

Frank de Haan
Operations manager at Simac ICT