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Disaster Recovery

Zhero specialises in implementing measures so that you can continue working should disaster strike your business. Our recovery solutions ensure that customers experience minimal downtime when systems are down. Our disaster recovery services are provided 24x7x365.

Here are the benefits of using us.


    Infrastructure designed resilience
    Disaster recovery design & planning
    Clustering & high availability solutions
    Multi-site system solutions
    Server replication
    Standby & failover solutions


    Implementation that takes into account redundancy of services
    Instant response & minimal downtime
    System up & running within minutes
    Secure data storage in different locations
    Consistent replica of data & settings
    Replacement hardware in the event of failure


Don’t let IT jeopardise your business.

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Zhero in on downtime

In the digital age, downtime is a major threat to all business. Every minute that your network is down, you lose money and your employees are unproductive. Longer-term effects include permanent damage to your brand reputation and loss of customers.

Zhero specialises in IT disaster recovery (DR) solutions to ensure that you experience minimal downtime when your systems are down. A Zhero engineer will implement specific measures to retain the integrity of your IT infrastructure and enable you to continue working should disaster strike.

Disaster recovery planning

Using experience garnered from over a decade in the IT support industry, a qualified and certified Zhero engineer will design the best DR plan to make your IT infrastructure resilient to downtime. Your DR plan will be based on complete risk assessments and a business impact analysis. Through consultation with Zhero, you will have well-documented and thorough disaster recovery procedures as part of your overall business continuity.

While you may have no control over disasters, Zhero will ensure that you have control over your network and experience minimal downtime and acceptable data loss in the event of an incident. Zhero will advise on the most appropriate recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for your disaster recovery strategies. In this way, both downtime and data loss are minimised.

Disaster recovery implementation

As part of your overall DR management, Zhero provides a range of services to keep your data safe and secure. Automated, regular and secured data backups are made with multi-site system storage solutions applied. Having your data backups stored in different locations means enhanced security and consistency of replication.

Zhero engineers check each backup for possible file corruption. They also routinely test backup systems to confirm that they are working and that you can access your backed up data in the event of a disaster. Zhero also provides server replication so that a normalised set of your data is always available at any point in time.

Zhero also implements failover solutions that take into account system redundancy. Failover, typically achieved using visualisation software, acts as a standby operational mode which significantly reduces the impact on users should system downtime occur.

Disaster recovery action

Zhero engineers are available 24×7 every day of the year. Should the unexpected happen and you need to take disaster recovery action, you will receive an instant response when you open a ticket or call. Your Zhero engineer will execute failover strategies and have your system up and running within minutes. The engineer will also install replacement hardware in the event of failure. You experience minimal downtime and your business data is intact and always accessible.



Fixed Cost

Up-to-date IT knowledge

Our engineers are fully certified and have continual professional development programs to ensure they are always up to speed industry knowledge.

Fixed Cost

Instant personal response

When you have an IT problem you need to someone that can start fixing it immediately. When you call us you speak directly to the engineer.

Fixed Cost

Cost effective solutions

We believe in building your IT systems on a foundation of trust and always seek to provide you with the right practical solution that fits your budget.

“They work quickly and quietly, while being friendly but professional. I would happily recommend Zhero if you are thinking about using a company for IT services.”
Su-Yen Foong
Commercial Manager at Energy UK