In the previous two articles, we’ve highlighted just how vulnerable people in business are to cybersecurity threats. You also reviewed some of the current trends in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is definitely a matter for concern and not something for which you can let sleeping dogs lie. Let Zhero show you how to take care of your cybersecurity issues here.

Zhero uses the latest and tested cybersecurity technologies to counter hacking and network intrusion. This guarantees that your IT infrastructure, data and devices are secure and safe.

Here is a summary of how you benefit by outsourcing your IT to Zhero and protecting your precious data.

Zhero Offers… For You This Means…
Intrusion prevention systems (IPS) Pre-exploit risk reduction of fraud, theft & data leakage
Advanced threat protection (ATP) Supports AIC triad security model
Anti-virus & malware protection Prevent data loss & breaches
Firewall & patch management Instant detection and remediation of threats & vulnerabilities
Email security & anti-spam Threat warnings & access to professional advice
GDPR complaint data security Improved compliance (GDPR) & data security


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