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Zhero report: Managed Security Services 

Why use an MSSP 

Enterprises, irrespective of size, face never-ending challenges. Not only do competitors provide obstacles to increased productivity, growth and higher revenue generation, but threats such as fluctuating consumer confidence and escalating operating expenditure are problematic, specifically for small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs). 

A significant challenge facing all SMBs is the prospect of cyber attack. Statistics from the 2017 Cyber Security Breaches Survey reveal that 46% of UK businesses identified either a security breach or hacking incident last year. The victims of cybercrime include Lloyds Bank, Three Mobile and the NHS, to name a few. Cybercrime experienced by SMBs is not deemed newsworthy.  Continue reading

Zhero report: Apple for enterprise

A is for?

You don’t need to be in kindergarten to answer the question. Apple, and not the fruit, is embodied in our technology-driven world, both work and play. Historically, Apple devices have been associated with consumers and not enterprise, with PCs wearing the business crown. However, the days of Macs being reserved solely for the creative industry are long gone. With tech competitors such as Microsoft and Apple now working together, there has been a convergence of mind-sets in the business IT market. Nowadays, it’s straightforward to operate PCs and Macs on the same network, share files and not have compatibility issues. Whether you choose Mac or PC for your small to medium-size business (SMB), it’s not all or nothing.  Continue reading

Zhero report: E-guide to moving office in 2018

Company growth means an office move

The growth of your business is unquestionably good news. The flipside is that you’ll need to increase your staff complement and this implies moving to new premises with more space. Nobody enjoys a move, and an office relocation can be an enormous undertaking. Failure to plan and execute the move thoroughly will result in significant delays which, by extension, detrimentally impacts your productivity and bottom line. Continue reading

Wi-Fi KRACK Attacks: Is your Device Vulnerable?


Times are changing for mobile devices

Personal computers have fallen prey to cybercriminals from the moment we began connecting to the World Wide Web through the internet. And not much has changed. In fact, virus and malware infiltration into computer systems continues to prevail, as predators develop code that is smarter, harder to detect, and more difficult to eliminate. Simply put, the threat of cyber-attack is a reality that should never be downplayed. Continue reading

Zhero Report: Ransomware

cyber attack

Not the NHS but your business

The 2017 WannaCry and Petya global ransomware attacks have made companies, large and small, realise that they need to be vigilant and have proactive measures in place to protect themselves against this form of malware. The first Zhero feature takes a look at a small to medium size business (SMB) that was unprepared for the very worst that cybercrime has to offer.

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