Swale Heating is the largest independent heating company in the South of England, employing 600 staff, all of whom rely on an IT infrastructure system. This requires it to be reliable and accessible at all times. Their HQ in Sittingbourne, Kent, was the centre of the operation.

Swale Heating offer expert guidance in choosing the best heating and boiler systems and products available today. They have over 40 years experience installing boilers and maintaining heating systems across the UK and are proud to offer the best value boiler installations, services and repairs in the South of England.


Swale Heating required new, single, common, technology infrastructure to run daily operations as well as IT related assistance for its office move.


Zhero helped the merging organisations migrate their separate IT systems onto a single platform, including unifying all communication systems – such as email and web domains.


Zhero has delivered the IT services they needed so that they are free to get on with the job of representing thier members.

The IT Challenge


When the company gained a contract with a housing association in the West Midlands, they were required to have a local presence. They wanted to be able to extend the same IT available in Kent to those in the Midlands, with everyone operating under the same servers.



Zhero made this possible by creating an IT, network and communications infrastructure at Swale Heating’s new Stratford-Upon Avon office – enabling its staff to interact securely, quickly and effectively with the company’s Kent-based HQ. Zhero used Microsoft Terminal Server technology to allow Swale Heating staff to remotely access servers and applications over the internet and corporate networks. This also allowed workers to work from home when required during bad weather, a time when the Swale Heating gets even busier.



Zhero’s support reduced operational costs and provided a secure, centralised filing service and application management capability. Using Cisco’s adaptive security appliance the network, applications, resources and data are all controlled and secure. The voice and video traffic between the two offices are also protected. Malicious emails are blocked before they reach the office inboxes using a cloud based security system.

Zhero now manage many other aspects of Swale Heating’s IT services, including software licensing standardisation, server and firewall management and security monitoring in addition the server virtualisation.

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