Reinsurance specialist ramps up its IT in shared office move

Zhero manages Arcus 1856’s transition into a serviced office and provides the extra security, IT management and high performance, required in this new Azure-based working environment. Arcus 1856 is a global provider of traditional and bespoke reinsurance solutions – and operates a highly diverse, but precisely balanced portfolio built upon a mature book of business. The company’s underwriting remit spans property reinsurance – and speciality lines, including; energy, cyber, space and aviation.


When relocating to a co-working environment, Arcus 1856 was faced with several challenges with respect to its IT infrastructure and IT systems support. Slow response times and lack of managed updates, IT security and backups all posed a threat to data security and business continuity.


Zhero implemented a fully-secure, Azure-based IT infrastructure for Arcus 1856. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and support, Zhero provided a fully-managed security service including automated email and data backup.


Arcus 1856 now has a stable and secure IT network that is optimised for a co-working space. The company benefits from current IT technologies that promote business operations and ensure business continuity with a reduction in IT expenditure.


Moving On

In 2017, to cater for its continued growth, Arcus 1856 required a more flexible, co-working, workplace environment and decided to relocate its operations into a WeWork serviced office. Operating in a highly regulated industry, ensuring the smooth running of IT systems is critical to Arcus 1856’s business success. While this new, city-based, working environment promised to deliver a range of packaged IT services for Arcus 1856, there were a number of IT management and support facilities that were deemed to be missing.

For example, IT support offered by WeWork is reactive – rather than a proactive, fully managed service – so the slower response to technical issues could have resulted in damaging downtime for Arcus 1856. Also, the serviced office doesn’t manage system updates, security software, data backups and other key applications. Hardware, software and network issues are not catered for either. These IT service gaps would naturally have presented a great risk to Arcus 1856’s business continuity – as well as the overall security of its operations and data.

Managing It On The Move

Rather than employing an in-house, IT specialist, or relying on the share office’s IT offerings, Arcus 1856 sought help from Zhero – a multi-skilled, managed IT services and security specialist. Zhero was tasked with managing Arcus 1856‘s office move, then implementing and fully managing a highly secure, Azure-based, IT infrastructure for its end user operations. Zhero was the natural choice, with a proven track record of managing IT infrastructures for SMEs and delivering real value.

With its highly responsive, proactive support and 24/7 system monitoring, Zhero now ensures the continued availability and higher performance of Arcus 1856’s IT environment. Data and email backups are automated – even for Office 365 users – so no loss of data is ever experienced. Operations are fully protected too with via Zhero’s managed security service – with firewall, anti-virus, malware, spam, phishing, content filtering and protection. For additional security, a private network was installed too.

Gary Delaney, Head of Operations at Arcus 1856 said; “When we moved into our serviced offices, Zhero created a more secure, stable and higher performing IT environment, than what was promised by the shared office. We have direct access to Zhero’s dedicated engineers – who remain responsive, proactive, professional and never give up – which is very reassuring for us. Zhero really is our IT department – and this means our team can focus 100% on running the business.”

Zhero also helped Arcus 1856 become Cyber Essentials certified – so the organisation, gained enough knowledge to become better protected against a whole range of the most common cyber attacks. This initiative was also helpful for Arcus 1856’s GDPR adherence – by helping the company realise that the information security required by the legislation includes implanting wider physical and organisational measures necessary to protect personal data.

Delaney added; “Using Zhero not only reduces overall IT management costs – but we benefit from the latest technologies to further improve operational efficiencies, continuity and reliability. Using Zhero is also far more cost effective than hiring our own IT team. Our fully managed IT environment means that we don’t need to worry about technology and we’re assured that our business runs smoothly. We now have an excellent IT platform to help us optimise services – delivered for both staff and externally for clients too.”




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