Case Study: Privalgo


Privalgo needed an IT supplier they could trust, therefore they employed Zhero.

Privalgo embraced Zhero’s IT expertise to add new workstations to their existing Azure infrastructure, customize software for individual users, ensure system compliance, and provide robust anti-virus, patching, and updates. Privalgo needed Zhero so that they could trust in the security and integrity of their IT.

Privalgo is a currency transfer specialist providing services to personal and business clients. Privalgo uses cutting-edge financial and regulatory technology to ensure the highest levels of transaction security. Privalgo is fully compliant with the rules imposed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and deploys the most advanced technical systems with end-to-end encryption to protect sensitive data.

A cubicle to exchange currencies. Bereau de change.

Privalgo needed the addition of new devices to its IT infrastructure under conditions of the highest levels of security. Optimal Antivirus, monitoring, and updating were required to achieve maximum security and compliance standards.


Zhero applied the highest levels of security to Privalgo’s hybrid network, ensuring Azure and Intune compliance. The software was customized and configured for specific users. Effective antivirus, patching, and updates were achieved which included full auditing of systems.


Privalgo has a bespoke IT system that is fully functional, secure, and attuned to the roles of different users. Free of the pains of IT security and compliance, Privalgo management can focus wholeheartedly on their business expansion.


Privalgo’s business requires an exceptionally high level of data safeguarding. Consequently, the company applies high levels of security across its entire IT infrastructure. Maximum security entails two-factor authentication and specific security permissions that are required at all times to guarantee compliance. Privalgo’s extreme security requirements meant turning to Zhero for a trusted IT solution.

This is how Zhero made IT trustworthy for Privalgo: Zhero was able to seamlessly review, implement and maintain the highest security for Privalgo’s hybrid Azure system. This was achieved using specific security permissions and conditions that met the Microsoft Intune enterprise mobility management requirements. Such requirements include the appropriate configuration of devices, protection of on-site email and data, secure access of email and data by mobile devices, and the effective integration of Intune with the hybrid Azure platform.

New devices can now also effortlessly be added to the serverless hybrid cloud platform with installed software packages tailored to the requirements of specific roles or departments.

Zhero was able to apply effective anti-virus (AV), patching, and updates to Privalgo’s Azure hybrid portal using automated monitoring from SolarWinds. Also, by providing comprehensive audits on the Privalgo network, compliance was maintained. For example, if an attempted login was made from a location outside the United Kingdom, a notification will automatically appear warning of attempted access from an untrusted source.

Zhero’s intervention in Privalgo’s IT infrastructure has a positive outcome. Privalgo is a responsive, satisfied client following the successful installation of new devices, customization of software for specific users, and implementation of essential anti-virus, patches, and updates. Key employees can now focus on business and further develop and expand their enterprise without any IT concerns. Zhero provides Privalgo with trusted, reliable, and secure technology so they are certain of their success.

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