Business Connectivity

Zhero provides stable, secure networks with different types of connectivity to our clients. Connectivity types range from simple ADSL lines to bonded ADSL to more complex dark fibre bespoke networks.

We are a carrier neutral operator with relationships with various carriers worldwide thereby ensuring that our clients have the best options available.

Here are the benefits of using us.


Scalable enterprise internet
Secure private connectivity
Dark fibre & multi-protocol label switching
Carrier neutral connectivity
Data centre interconnects
Expert advice, consultancy & design


Direct access to carrier-grade internet
Help with selecting & implementing the right solution
Bespoke solutions designed to your requirement
Competitive rates & excellent service
Direct access to key virtual network operators
Experienced guidance in the decision making process

Keeping you connected

Whatever the size or type of your enterprise, Zhero will keep you connected. We provide stable and secure networks to a broad spectrum of clients. Connectivity ranges from basic ADSL lines to bonded ADSL systems. Zhero also offers more complex, dark-fibre networks on demand.

Using Zhero’s Business Connectivity Solutions, you have scalable business internet and secure private connectivity. Solutions are bespoke and designed to meet all your operational needs. Using Zhero to keep your network connected means you have direct access to the carrier-grade internet.

Bespoke connectivity

Zhero has a philosophy of collaboration and partnership. We will help you select and implement the best connectivity solution at affordable rates. Whether you opt for ADSL technology or decide on dark-fibre and multi-protocol switching, Zhero gives you expert advice and consultancy. Our engineers will design a bespoke system to ensure that your IT connectivity is optimised.

Carrier neutrality

Zhero is a carrier-neutral operator. Put simply, this means that our data centres facilitate interconnection between various carriers worldwide. We are not tied to a specific service provider and thereby offer diversity and flexibility for your connectivity needs.

With Zhero, you can choose your provider, thus providing you with the most effective connectivity. You are not stuck with one provider that may have limited bandwidth or charge you exorbitant monthly fees. With Zhero’s carrier neutrality, you gain direct access to key virtual network operators.

Data center interconnects

Data centers do not operate in isolation. For data to be accessed, transmitted and stored, data centers across the world need to communicate with each other. Zhero uses the latest Data Centre Interconnect (DCI) technology to enable seamless sharing, transmission and back-up of information between data centers and your connected network.

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“My expectations of IT companies are somewhat low based on previous experiences but Zhero have been able to exceed them.”

Paul Newton, Managing Director at London and Oxford Capital Markets Plc