Most common passwords of the year revealed

The annual ‘Worst Passwords’ list by Splashdata has been released, revealing the 25 most used passwords found online. At the top of the list is ‘123456’, leaving ‘password’ in second place for the first time since Splashdata began compiling the list. The information from 2013 was influenced by the passwords published as a result of Adobe’s security breach.

Windows XP users – please update before April 2014

Microsoft has announced its plans to postpone the withdrawal of virus warnings for Windows XP until 2015. All support for the 12 year old operating system was scheduled to stop on 8th April 2014, however Microsoft rethought this decision because of the amount of people still using the outdated OS. XP computers will now continue to receive information to help them detect malware, however all other updates and support will still stop in April. It is estimated that 30% of desktops are still running Windows XP, partly due to the issues associated with its successor, Windows Vista. In a statement on its blog, Microsoft warned customers that using obsolete operating systems made them vulnerable to modern malware attacks. Users are advised to update their PCs to a more up to date OS in order to keep computers safe and secure.