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GDPR compliance: encryption and data security

A year of cybercrime

 The end of 2017 is approaching fast, with Festive Season celebrations to look forward to and possibly a break from the humdrum routine of daily work. Before getting into party mode, however, take a moment to reflect on some safety and security in the business IT world. This year has been fraught with events involving cybercrime and data breaches. The WannaCry ransomware attack in May, which compromised in excess of 200,000 computers throughout the world, immediately springs to mind. In the UK, the NHS was systems were infected, meaning that some services operated on emergency-only basis. Shortly after WannaCry, came Petya, more sophisticated and virulent, and also demanding a £200 minimum payment in bitcoin for data decryption. As of September this year, 30,000 global incidents of cyberattack have been reported, including virus infection, phishing, site intrusion and ransomware. Continue reading

Maximising New Technology for Small Business

The cost of IT for small business 

The cost of IT systems and new technologies impact all business. There’s no distinction between Citi Group or an ecommerce start-up; both need to invest in a reliable IT infrastructure to ensure stability and profitability. As the owner or executive of a small to medium size business (SMB), you won’t have an unlimited budget allocated to investing in new technologies. You are no stranger to working with limited resources that are stretched to capacity to maximise return on investment (ROI).  Continue reading

Zhero Report: A roadmap to GDPR compliance for business


Data protection in business

As a small to medium size business (SMB) owner or executive, you understand the necessity of spending money, time and effort on data protection and security. Besides adherence to regulatory requirements, the primary reason for SMBs to be compliant with respect to data protection is financial loss. Research confirms that data is the singularly most valuable corporate asset and that must be safeguarded.

When your data is lost or compromised, the repercussions are severe. Lost information will negatively impact your company finances, including, but not limited to, lost sales, government fines, costly litigation and a significant drop in productivity. Moreover, if a breach occurs due to inadequate data protection, your brand and reputation will suffer, with clients fleeing to competitors.

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