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Leverage cloud computing to challenge big business

Businesses take to the cloud 

Fact: by 2016, cloud computing has become a £120 billion industry. The statistic may sound both exaggerated and astonishing, but nevertheless reflects the truth and a trend in business operations. Why are more businesses adopting the cloud as opposed to a physical IT environment? First off, whether a using a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet, the cloud provides instant access to data at any time. All you need is an internet connection.  Continue reading

Big or small, hackers couldn’t care less


Major media site hacked

Not that long ago, the New York Times website was subject to a successful hacking attempt which resulted in an outage for almost 24 hours. The mastermind behind the hacking was the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), a group of enthusiastic Syrian youths with a mission to embarrass media organisations in the United States and Europe for their massive distortion of the facts about the uprising in Syria. Continue reading

Nurture your business data

Technology takes control

As the days go by, we become increasingly reliant on technology, both at home and work. Technology already controls critical systems such as airline routes, financial markets, traffic lights and all our lines of communication. The advent of the smartphone has meant that we have instant 24/7 access to information through the internet. Social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have infiltrated the lives of many, also having a massive impact on businesses and their marketing strategies. Soon from now we’ll be unlocking our front door using a smartwatch after a relaxing drive home in a robotic vehicle. Continue reading

Key elements of a robust IT security plan for small business

Our technological business world

There’s no escaping it. We live in a technology-based world that has infiltrated all aspects of our lives, including business. And with technology comes IT system security concerns, now more than ever. It’s not only large corporations that are mindful of their network security. The safety of IT systems is vital for all enterprises; the high street accountancy firm and the local chippy to boot. Irrespective of size or type of operation, organisations possessing valuable digital assets should realise the consequences of any data breach and have an action plan to counter any network intrusion. Continue reading

Hackers hone in on small business

SMBs are puppets of cybercrime

Owners and executive managers of small to medium-size business (SMBs) are usually oblivious to the fact that their company may provide a gateway for cybercriminals to access the sensitive data of much larger corporations. While an SMB may never fall victim to a cybersecurity threat, a small enterprise can easily and unknowingly become a hacker’s puppet. Vulnerabilities in an SMB IT infrastructure can be exploited in order to access the data and files of corporate giants. Continue reading

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