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Human error and data loss

Cybercriminals are the main culprit

Mention data loss to anybody in business and they will probably make an immediate connection to cybercrime. After all, with all the reports of malware, ransomware and hacking incidents in the news, it’s easy to assume that data compromise is a result of malevolent intrusion into IT infrastructures. 

Contrary to popular belief, hackers are not the main culprits. Comprehensive research of small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) across the world confirms that hardware or systems malfunctions constitute 40% of all data loss events. Coming in a close second is human error, to which 30% of all data loss can be attributed. Software corruption, virus and malware, and natural disasters make up the other 30%. Of this cybercrime is only responsible for 5% of all data loss occurrences.  Continue reading

Outsourcing IT saves time and money

Love to hate outsourcing 

Traditionally the owners of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have embraced a love to hate attitude towards outsourcing IT and the companies offering these services. Founders of start-ups and entrepreneurs of SMBs in the business for the long haul have considered outsourcing a threat to corporate autonomy. Some may feel that they will lose control of their company should they chose to outsource their IT infrastructure management. Unfortunately, many SMBs that have adopted a negative stance to outsourcing suffer the consequences of inadequately managed technology and become victims of cybercrime, downtime and data loss.  Continue reading

The cloud: an analogy for proactive businesses

The cloud: a simple definition 

The cloud. Mention the term and an array of thoughts spring to mind: data in the sky, something not to be trusted or a technology that is reserved for corporate giants. The cloud is none of these. In simple terms, the cloud is a platform offering remote storage of data amongst other services vital in keeping your IT infrastructure optimised and fully supporting your business operations. 

Continue reading

Zhero report: Managed Security Services 

Why use an MSSP 

Enterprises, irrespective of size, face never-ending challenges. Not only do competitors provide obstacles to increased productivity, growth and higher revenue generation, but threats such as fluctuating consumer confidence and escalating operating expenditure are problematic, specifically for small-to-medium-size businesses (SMBs). 

A significant challenge facing all SMBs is the prospect of cyber attack. Statistics from the 2017 Cyber Security Breaches Survey reveal that 46% of UK businesses identified either a security breach or hacking incident last year. The victims of cybercrime include Lloyds Bank, Three Mobile and the NHS, to name a few. Cybercrime experienced by SMBs is not deemed newsworthy.  Continue reading

Data loss facts: cause and prevention

IT in the 21st century

Technology and IT are integral to the 21st century, significantly impacting the way we do business, our social interactions and how we choose to entertain ourselves. Moreover, our unparalleled adoption of the web and the internet has rendered us heavily reliant on data and computer systems. We pay bills online, actively buy into e-commerce and FaceTime or Skype our friends and loved ones. We are able to instantly access sensitive records and files from government, banking and corporate websites. Put simply, IT saves money, time and resources. Who could ask for anything more? Continue reading

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