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Bespoke Data Solutions

At Zhero we understand the importance and effective use of data. In today’s world, there is a rapid demand for storage and it is essential to have future-proof data solutions forecasting growth. Forecasting is important not only from a financial budgeting point of view but also for sustaining security and successful backups.

We specialise in all verticals from 3D rendering farms, video editing to basic file access and help our clients with the full life cycle of data whilst maintaining their data management strategies.

Here are the benefits of using us.


    Retention policy & regulatory compliance
    Intelligent data storage management
    Network & data storage replication
    Data workflow automation & archiving
    Continuous data protection
    Capacity control


    Best practice storage of data
    Efficient & cost effective storage
    Quick access to backup data when systems are down
    Cost effective data backup & archiving
    Protect your data by the minute
    Forecast, plan, & control data growth

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Forecasting your data needs

Information and data are today’s business currencies. Zhero appreciates the importance of being able to effectively access, transmit, store and delete data. We understand the increasing demand for storage and will help you to make an accurate forecast of your data processing and storage solutions for the future.
Making realistic predictions about your data needs ensures that you remain with your IT budget. Moreover, precise forecasting maintains necessary levels of data protection and security, guarantees that your backups are not corrupted and usable, and help to control data growth.

Best-practice data storage

Zhero has the expertise and experience to help you implement best-practice data storage in your enterprise. Our engineers apply the latest intelligent data storage management strategies so that your data is always accessible across your entire network. Best-practice data storage is underpinned by efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Replication, automation, backup and archiving

Zhero provides state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and data storage replication to its clients. This means that the integrity of your systems is maintained and you know where your data is when you need it.

By examining your business activities, our consultants will recommend the best data workflow automation and archiving processes for optimising your operations. Part of our automation scheme is capacity monitoring and control: you know how much data you have and if you are close to exceeding the storage limited. This applies to both local and cloud storage.
Zhero’s data backup and archiving processes are cost-effective and designed to continuously protect your data. Should disaster strike, you will have almost instant access to backup data when your systems are down. A Zhero engineer is available 24×7 to get your systems back online and you experience minimal downtime.

Data lifecycle

Whatever the type of data you handle, Zhero is there to help. Our experts cover basic file access, databases, audio and video editing to 3D CGI rendering farm software. Zhero will support you through the entire lifecycle of a set of data. In so doing, you maintain and control your data management strategies.

Regulatory compliance

Zhero collaborates with legal experts to ensure that your data management practices are GDPR compliant. Should one of our consultants identify an area of potential non-compliance, we will immediately take corrective steps to ensure that your business is in line with EU data regulations. Zhero will make practical recommendations relating to your data security, storage and retention so that you remain compliant and focus on business.


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Up-to-date IT knowledge

Our engineers are fully certified and have continual professional development programs to ensure they are always up to speed industry knowledge.

Technical Summary

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Instant personal response

We know that when you have an IT problem you’d like to speak to someone who can start fixing it immediately. When you call us you speak directly to the engineer.

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Cost effective solutions

We believe in building your IT systems on a foundation of trust and always seek to provide you with practical solutions that fit your budget.

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“Energy UK has received excellent IT support from Zhero for the past 5 years; we are very happy with the quality of service that we receive. Their engineers are fast to respond and take ownership of our IT and user requirements, whatever form they take. They have also assisted us with an office relocation and expertly moved all our IT using their specialists to design, manage and deliver the relocation of our IT equipment with impact to our business or users. Importantly they kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend Zhero to any business”

Whestly Dio
Office Manager at Energy UK