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Social Responsibility

We believe in building a better society and transforming lives through our corporate social responsibility initiatives. We donate to many causes and see our initiatives as a chance to invest in the future of the world around us. That is why we also focus on children and those who have not yet been given the chance to fulfil their potential.

We engage with the following organisations


A21 tackles the huge problem of human trafficking and slavery. They work in cities all over the world to spread awareness, provide safe houses for those affected and helping to prosecute those behind human trafficking. They provide legal counsel to every person in their care to ensure the best outcome in a court case. It is their aim to abolish injustice in the 21st Century.


Compassion UK

Compassion UK helps give children in need a better life through sponsorship. They work in Asia, Africa and Central and South America, focusing on children up to young adulthood. It works with local churches to provide support, education and healthcare to those in extreme poverty to help improve lives.


Green Light

The Green Light Medical Van patrols the streets of London to provide much needed healthcare to the thousands of homeless living on the streets. It is a unique initiative that actively helps many people. 73% of homeless people have a medical condition and 80% suffer from mental illness. In their work, Green Light have made sure that hundreds of people get the healthcare they need, and also distribute personal hygiene products to help prevent illnesses in the future.


HR Figures

House Regeneration is a drug rehabilitation center that has helped scores of people successfully overcome the hardships of addiction to alcohol and drugs. House Regeneration uses holistic therapy models that is based on ground breaking faith-based treatments to deal with psychological, emotional and spiritual issues. Their team of supportive and compassionate staff have over 60 years combined experience in dealing with addiction issues.



Fixed Cost

Up-to-date IT knowledge

Our engineers are fully certified and have continual professional development programs to ensure they are always up to speed industry knowledge.

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Instant personal response

We know that when you have an IT problem you’d like to speak to someone who can start fixing it immediately. When you call us you speak directly to the engineer.

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Cost effective solutions

We believe in building your IT systems on a foundation of trust and always seek to provide you with practical solutions that fit your budget.