If you don’t already know if, managed services refers to outsourcing the management of your business IT to an external IT management partner. Companies providing this kind of IT support and services are called manged Services Providers or MSPs.

Why outsource your IT? Besides letting you get on with the business of doing business, there are many good reasons. Here are 8 top choices that will probably be somewhat of an eye-opener.

247 365 Monitoring

Your IT infrastructure is monitored round the clock so should anything go wrong, the MSP will quickly remedy the situation and any downtime will be minimized.

Fully Protected

Your IT network and data are fully protected against virus, malware and phishing using the latest anti-virus and anti-spam protection together with the application of impenetrable firewalls.

Predictable IT Budget

Your MSP will offer fixed-cost pricing and SLA that is customized to your business IT needs. So, no more sleepless nights about escalating IT costs.

GDPR Compliance

Nobody wants to run the risks of a huge data protection non-compliance fine from the ICO. Your MSP will ensure that you are always GDPR complaint, from ensuring that you have a data controller and data processor, to the secure disposal of sensitive client data.

Everything Supplied

Your MSP partners with the most reliable and established software and hardware vendor to ensure that you get the best deals.  Also, for those of you who are not that technical, you don’t need to become involved in complex and needless conversations.

Rapid Response

Should an IT issue arise, you can be assured that your MSP will deal with it almost instantly. This can either be done remotely from their network operations centre (NOC) or an engineer will be on-site to fix anything that may be broken.

Latest Technology

The MSP will have access to the latest and greatest new business technology. This will include software, hardware and apps that will improve your workflows and customer relations.

Focus on Business

Lastly, with your IT is taken care of, you can focus on what you do best. Expand and grow your business and profits. We love what IT can do for business. We love what IT can do for you.