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This month we’ve taken an in-depth look at all things Apple. You’ll remember that Apple is the world’s most valuable brand, valued at $517 billion, with much of  Apple’s success can be attributed to the widespread adoption of iPhones. The Cupertino-headquartered tech giant also has a market capitalisation of $2.6 trillion, hot on the heels of Microsoft’s $2.9 trillion. Besides the iPhone, Apple is also making serious inroads into business beyond the creative and media industries. MacBooks and its sibling Pro are seen as being key to innovation. Some say, including Apple, that the most innovative companies run on Mac. Based on data from the Boston Consulting Group, 84% of the world’s top innovators, including SAP, Salesforce and Target, deploy Mac at scale. But besides the sleek design and awesome functionality of its products, what has made Apple the brand it is today? Let’s take a look-see.


One key factor behind Apple’s success is its emphasis on innovation and design. The company boasts a dedicated team of designers and engineers who strive to develop highly functional and visually appealing products. Apple’s design philosophy centres on creating simple, intuitive, and user-friendly products. This we can see in all the brand’s offerings, from the iPhone, the MacBook to the Apple Watch. Michael Gartenberg, the American technology journalist, analyst, blogger and former Apple employee has this to say:

“Apple products are designed with a minimalist and modern aesthetic and, most importantly a user’s needs. They are made with high-quality materials and have a sleek and stylish look. Because Apple doesn’t change much over time, the iPhone’s design has become classic and iconic. Same for the MacBook.”


Apple offers a diverse product line that caters to a broad spectrum of consumers. This lineup includes iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, Apple TV, AirPods, and more. By expanding its product range, Apple has attracted a broad customer base, from tech enthusiasts to casual users.


Apple uses several marketing techniques that have led to it becoming a huge success and the world’s top brand. These include:

  • Mystery Around Products – Apple keeps details about new products under wraps, creating excitement and anticipation among consumers. This strategy is one of Apple’s most effective marketing tactics, generating buzz and keeping the public eagerly awaiting their next release.
  • Creating an Experience – Apple prioritises customer experience, ensuring that interactions at every touchpoint—whether online, in retail stores, through advertisements, or with the products themselves—are memorable and enjoyable. This focus on creating a unique and seamless customer journey helps solidify brand loyalty. According to Forbes:

“Apple has a legendary focus on the customer experience. Every customer touchpoint  – products, the website, ads, the app store, and the retail stores – yields a consistent Apple experience. Over the last 10 years, Apple has aggressively expanded the areas where the Apple experience is part of daily life.”

  • Keeping It Simple – Apple simplifies its marketing and product designs, using straightforward language and clean, user-friendly designs. This approach ensures that the general public can easily understand product features and benefits, making technology accessible without overwhelming customers.
  • Customer Retention – Instead of relying heavily on discounts to attract new customers, Apple emphasizes retaining existing ones through exceptional customer service. Their commitment to addressing negative feedback within 24 hours exemplifies their dedication to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • The NPS Index – Apple employs the Net Promoter Score (NPS) to gauge customer willingness to recommend their products and services. This approach ensures that sales staff avoid pushy sales tactics, focusing instead on enhancing the customer experience and preventing frustration and dissatisfaction.


According to Partnerbase, Apple has 373 partners, including technology, channel and retail. In the mainstream, it strategically partners with big names like Nike, Hermès, and IBM, enabling it to broaden its product line and enter new markets. These collaborations have resulted in innovative products such as the Apple Watch Nike+, designed specifically for runners, showcasing how Apple’s partnerships help create specialized offerings tailored to different consumer needs.


Another key factor in Apple’s success is its leadership and management. The company boasts a strong, experienced leadership team dedicated to innovation and growth. Apple’s unique management structure emphasizes collaboration and communication, fostering a culture of innovation and creativity. In contrast to the highly autocratic leadership style of Apple co-founder and late CEO Steve Jobs, current CEO Tim Cook practices and promotes a more democratic leadership approach. Cook values building consensus among senior management when making strategic decisions for the business. Since taking the helm, he has also granted greater autonomy to the new product development team, reducing the CEO’s direct involvement in the product development process. This shift has empowered teams and encouraged a more collaborative and inclusive work environment.


Apple is dedicated to corporate social responsibility, implementing many initiatives to reduce its environmental impact. The company strives to improve working conditions for its employees and is committed to using ethically sourced materials in its products. These efforts have enhanced Apple’s reputation and built trust with customers, demonstrating the company’s commitment to ethical practices and sustainability. Tim Cook has said:

We believe that business, at its best, serves the public good, empowers people around the world, and binds us together as never before.”


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