The Latest Model

People are quick to jump on the bandwagon and exchange the old for the new when it comes to mobile phones. This seems insane to some. The old model worked well. The things is, when it comes to technology, people want an optimised user experience with no lags or gaps in data. And so, the old Apple becomes redundant and is replaced by a shining new device.

The Latest IT System

For businesses operating in a digital environment, the same law applies. You want immediate access to your data with no gaps in information and the bare minimum of downtime. Heaven forbid that you need to need to call on managed IT support or your local business IT support company to fix what is broken. At all times you need to protect your IT infrastructure, your customer experience and your brand. Unfortunately, data backup hasn’t kept abreast of the rapidly changing technology landscape. In fact, traditional backup could yield a deadly blow to your company. Reflect on these reasons:

  • • Too slow – legacy backup can be super slow causing a network lag and potential downtime
  • • Too disruptive – when backup processes run over time, this eats into your productivity
  • • Too periodic – data recovery needs to be complete, some backups may be 24 hours old and recovery will be incomplete
  • • Too outdated – some backup software can be a decade old; costly maintenance, time wasting and possibly failed recoveries
  • • Too much money – legacy backup usually means having multiple licenses and increased IT infrastructure costs

The Latest Backup 

So, let’s assume that traditional backup is a thing of the past. What then is a solution to prevent data loss, and by extension loss of productivity and revenue? Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is the answer. CDP ensures that you have more granularity in data protection and data recovery. With CDP, your data has real-time protection. For example, if a network outage occurs at 13:00, using CDP means that you can do a full restore to 12:59. Simple arithmetic shows that you have only lost a minute’s worth of data compared to resorting to a legacy backup that may be many hours old.

Exchange the Old for the New

If you are ready to get rid of the old and start afresh with the new, contact your local IT managed services provider for advice on setting up CDP. Any business IT service worth their salt can apply continuous data replication. This means that you will achieve recovery point objectives of seconds and at the same time minimize your IT infrastructure costs.